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These gloves feel like condoms!

Hello readers, I suppose you are all here to read about my experince getting my septum, well kiddies. Here it is.

I had already had my septum done three times before this one, and all three had came out crooked or placed wrong. So Angie and Tadd told me to go with them to Nomads in SF. So I made plans to meet there at the studio, while I was waiting for them to get there I walked up and down height street with my dad and friend Veronika. I was a little nerveous to get my septum done again, although I had been through it three times already it still hurts. So when Angie finnaly called me saying she was at nomads I had my dad drive us to the studio which was only about five mins. From height street, so we got in the car found parking and walked into the studio. 

I saw Angie and Tadd sitting on the couch while Nick was getting ready to do Tadd's Anchor. I talked to Angie. (AngieAlaska) for a while than Nick asked what I came in to do, I told him I wanted to get my septum so he asked for picture ID and had me sign the consent forms. They sterlize the equipment on the spot there so he put the needle in what looked like a mini oven. Nick was getting ready to do Tadd's anchor when a woman walked in the shop and wispered somthing to Nick, so than Nick had us move to the other side of the shop and he closed the curtain and removed a piece of jewlery from the woman, it only took him about three mins before he was done with her and called tadd back to do his anchor. He sprayed down the bed/thing and changed his gloves and what not. Nic than did Tadd's anchor on the side of his face and cleaned him up. and than called me over to sit down. He pulled out the needle and reatiner from the mini oven object and began to mark my septum. 

Nick began to feel for the spot in my nose that he would be piercing, He than told me I had a slightly deviated septum, which could have been one of the reasons why all the others had come out crooked, the piercer I went to before was not all that expierenced so did not know how to do the piercing on a deviated septum. Nick than started to clean out my nose, which is always the weirdest part. After being marked Nick asked me to lay down and take deep breathes, I than asked angie to hold me in which she said no, and yes it was depressing. So I than layed down, and took deep breaths, nick told me to exhale all past expierience's. 

I asked Nick where the clamps where and he told me they didn't use clamps at Nomad's as Nick says "they are the REAL deal" so instead of using clamps Nick used a clear tube to catch the needle when it came out. So Nick continued to tell me to breathe and when ever I was ready to tell him. So I took a couple more deep breaths and told him I was ready. He lined up the needle with the line he had made and told me to take one deep breath in, and out. Than the needle went quickly through my septum and out into the tube.  Now although some people might say your septum is the most painful thing to do, its really not. Granted it DOES hurt but its not as bad as people think it is. However your eyes do water. Tadd said my reaction was amazing, I'm assuming mement my full body twitch. Nick than slipped in the retainer, out of all the times I have had my septum pierced this time was by far the best, it hurt less and was faster than the other times. And the best part is it finnaly came o

ut straight. Nick than told me it is leaning to one side dude to the deviation in my septum and once it begins to heal it will sit more straight.

My dad payed Nick, and took me, V, tadd and angie to the mall. Nomads is the best place to go to get pierced, hands down. They are very clean as well as very friendly.

So I highly recomend if you are in the SF area in california than you go there.

Hope my little story was helpful! If your considering getting your septum or any other piercing I recomend that you go for it, even if your scared of the pain. The few seconds of pain will be worth it, trust me. To see how it turned out add my myspace

Www.myspace.com/scenerocker666 I should have pictures up soon.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Nick.
Studio: Nomad%27s
Location: SF+ca.

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