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The Nose Piercing that I have wanted forever!

I know people always say this but I've been wanting my nose pierced since I was 14. I'm not sure why. I think I was influenced by taste in music and was generally fascinated by piercings. I went to a school that was pretty strict with this sort of thing but by the time I got to 15 I desperately wanted it done. I think we drove to the piercers about 5 times in the space of two years which resulted in me getting overwhelmingly nervous and chickening out. I was a completely different person back then.

When I finally got it done last friday though,it was like a new start and something I had to prove to myself. I'd fallen in love with the nostril stud.

I went to the piercers on my own. I'm 17 now so it's not like I needed anyone with me. I woke up all determined,got the bus to the piercing/tattoo shop and walked straight up the stairs and to the reception. With a smile on my face,I told them I'd like my nose pierced and she told me to fill out a form.It had the general stuff like if I was pregnant,any skin conditions or anything. I was asked if I was over 16 and I said yes and then I had to hand over ID,which was photocopied and stapled to my health check form. All very above board.

So,I waited for about 5 minutes on the seat,not that nervous,which surprised me actually. For about 3 years I've been reading BME reviews,watching videos and looking at pictures and almost knew the procedure inside out.

While I waited there was a couple looking at tattoos on the walls,I got there in the early morning so that I wouldn't have to wait that long. I knew that if I sat there waiting for ages I would just chicken out.

I stepped into the back room,which looked like a doctors surgery. It had pictures on the walls and there was a little cabinet drawer thing that had lots of little studs in it. I sat while she dotted my nose with a pen,it looked great in the mirror and then she lay me down onto this bed thing,with my head resting on some clean towels. She put on her gloves,removed the brand new needle from the packet and asked me to lie down,it was really happening!

She shone a torch up my nose,I think this was to check for blood vessels,it was quite funny actually,it was more like I was getting my nose examined then piercing it. She made a few jokes about how she gets the best jobs and this made me laugh,eased the tension too.

To be completely honest,the clamp pressure hurt more than the actual piercing. I would also say that getting your ears pierced with a gun wrecks more than getting your nose pierced with a needle. The piercing just feels like pressure.She left the needle in to give me a breather and then pushed the jewelry through. I could see this long thing coming out of my nose which was weird.

We sat there for a minute and until she knew I wasn't going to faint,she pushed the jewelry through. This was the bit that hurt the most ,it was like someone has pinched my nose. My eyes didn't really water at all and I did not feel faint. It also did not bleed.

I was so surprised after she has pierced it,because I did not believe it had been done so I swore and she was just really nice.

I left after paying 30 pounds and walked down the street feeling well happy. I now clean it with salt water and leave it alone completely unless I've washed my hands. I can't wait to put a hoop in.

She also gave me an aftercare advice sheet,and told me that I could come back in 6-8 weeks to get the stud changed if I needed to and that if I needed any help she was happy to help. It moves a little when I flare my nose which is funny but other than that the titanium stud she put in sits in my nose fine. It seems to be screwed on tightly,so it's not likely to fall out.

My parents are completely relaxed to my piercing because they are generally quite liberal with that sort of thing. I'd definitely go and get another piercing,just because they are so addictive. My friend also wants to get a piercing now and so does my brother. I'm not sure how liberal the workplace is these days but to be honest,I want an art career when I'm older so I'm not all that bothered,I'll just wear a retainer if necessary.

Go get it done,you know you want to!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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