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Ten years ago, a piercing...

I'm not sure why I have always been interested in piercing...And a paradox is I don't even like jewelery much and only wear a neckless and a couple of rings.

I had my ears pierced a few months after I was born and it was painful for years. I used to cry a lot when I had to remove and clean the studs... but suddenly, around 13 years old, I showed interest in having a few more ear piercing done. Eventually, at the end of the summer, I had added three holes in each ears and I was quite proud of it. Part of it was beating the small pain and the pinch I got each time my ears were pierced, part of it was because it was almost a sensual experience. I liked playing with my earrings as well and it just looked like a logical part of my ears.

I didn't know much about "real" piercing though and at the time, it wasn't that common in France (where I'm from). But I do remember noticing a few people with a nose ring and found it really nice. I started to research it.

I went to the local library and borrowed a book on body art. Some stuffs made me cringe (hey, I was 14!) but the nose piercing didn't seem to be that painful. I read everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. After a few months, I knew the procedure (no piercing gun for me, I wanted the needle!), I knew where to go and I knew I wanted a nostril piercing.

My parents agreed easily. I had done researches and I had thought about it, it wasn't going to be done on impulse. They were mostly concerned with the hygiene of the place I was going to go to. I had met the owner of a shop piercing shop at the time and had talked with him. He was a nice guy (although put off by the fact I was only 14!) and he made sure that everything was going to be done by the rules. I was confident in my choice.

I made an appointment. For a few days, I toyed with the idea of forgetting about it. The main thing that scared me was the idea of piercing through the nose's cartilage (a couple of years later, I had a navel piercing done and it didn't bother me as much since well... it's just fat there!). I imagined a kind of "crack" noise as the needle would pierce through and I didn't like that much.

At the last minute, I asked my mother to come with me (once again, I was 14!). She agreed (another chance to check if the place wasn't too dodgy!) and I took a last look at my bare nostril as we left home.

I have a good memory of the procedure. I led on a table (similar to the one at the doctor's) and the body artist cleaned my nostril and drew a small dot on it. I breathed quietly but I wasn't scared. I felt relaxed and I close my eyes. A few seconds later, I felt a pinch: I assumed it was the clamp. I barely felt the needle when it went in... my nostril was a bit numb from the pinch. A few seconds went by as he adjusted the piercing and it was over.

I got up to take a look at the needle and I was surprised to see it was quite thick and long. I'm not scared of needles at all and I remember thinking that it was quite painless considering the size of it!

My nostril felt a bit numb afterwards but I was really happy with the piercing. I didn't bleed at all and left a few minutes later.

Over the next few days, I made sure I clean my piercing and turn it inside my nostril. I did get a bit of goo but nothing major. It "healed" really fast. The good part with the nose is it doesn't touch anything I guess. My navel piercing was even more painless during the procedure but I couldn't be comfortable on my stomach for a few weeks after I had it done, and I also had to reconsider wearing jeans for a little while, since the button would sit right on my navel! Yes, this was way before these extremely low-rise pants...!

I still have the piercing today. I don't change it much anymore, after years of experimenting with rings and bigger studs. It's just part of me. I must have taken it off a couple of days at most during the last ten years and I really missed it.

I had never regretted getting my nostril pierced. I like the idea and the look... and I still do.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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