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My Septum Piercing – My new best friend ☺

I have loved and lost many piercings over the years for one reason or another and am always on the lookout for piercings that are new and exciting to me. I was at a friend's gig last Friday night and quite randomly I thought to myself "I want my septum pierced!" Honestly I had never considered a septum piercing for myself and had actually said in the past that was the one mod I wouldn't get. I had thought it seemed too much for little ol' me!

However after my revelation I told my friend (who is also a professional piercer) that I wanted to get it done. She agreed that it would look great and told me to call her during the week to come into the shop. I told my partner and (even though later I found out that septum piercings were not his favourite mod) he said it would look awesome and that I should get it done.

I organized a time with Bi to come into her work "Punctured @ Off Ya Tree" on Oxford Street, Sydney. To be honest I didn't think about my piercing a lot until the day I was booked in to get it done. I looked on BME and read other people's experiences of septum mods, looked at the pics and wasn't completely sold on the idea. I thought I would wait until they day I was getting it done to decide if I was going to go through with it or not.

I was concerned that it would look too much for me (I'm pretty small) and was becoming increasingly concerned about the pain, which I might add, never bothered me before. I was worried that I was becoming a softie, the pain was always part of the fun of a piercing! Everyone else on BME seemed to have such painful experiences...

The day came to get my mod and I confirmed with my friend the address of the shop. I caught the train from my work (on George Street) to the Museum and walked up to Oxford Street from there. I was becoming increasingly unsure about this piercing. Was I going to look stupid? Would I be able to handle the pain? As I walked up to the shop I decided that it was too late and that I was getting it done. I wasn't filled with the excitement I had been with all of my other piercings.

I walked into the shop and was greeted by a heavily tattooed guy and a quirk girl with her cheeks pierced. I told them I was waiting for Bi, she was with someone so I said I would wait. The piercing shop was part of a bigger store filled with bongs, band gear and odds and sods so there was lots to look at whilst I was trying to calm myself down!

I rang my boyfriend to confirm that he thought he piercing would look good (not that he ever would have stopped me anyways). He assured me it would work out and asked me to call him after I had it done. Just as I hung up the phone my friend walked out of the piercing studio and greeted me with a big hug. I needed it! We walked up to the counted and filled out the appropriate paperwork. I paid my money and followed Bi back down to the studio.

I looked around the studio, it was bright and clean but not sterile or unfriendly. Bi and I chatted whilst she set up her tool and equipment on the tray beside me. She carefully washed her hands and marked something that looked like a toothpick with texta and marked a line across the bottom of my nose between my nostrils. She asked me to check the line to make sure it was straight and that I was happy with it. It was perfect, so she proceeded to mark up the toothpick again this time marking the insides of my nostrils with where the needle was going to be inserted. I made a joke about my nose being snotty whilst Bi grabbed the needle to pierce me with.

Ok, so it was time! My second thoughts were heightened at this stage, but I made the mental point of deciding that all the issues I had had with myself, my confidence and my body would be left behind with this piercing. That this (for me) outrageous piercing was so far away from the insecure person I feared I was becoming that I could move towards a new and mellow me.

Bi pushed two small plastic rods on either side of my septum and told me she was compressing the skin there so the needle would pass through more easily. She also told me she would be piercing the skin only and not the cartilage as it was less intrusive and easier to heal. I was fine with that! Bi also mentioned that the pain would not be much more than what I was currently experiencing, which I might add was nil. It felt like someone was pushing two chup a chup sticks on either side of my nose.

Bi then picked up the needle and told me to take a deep breath in and then out. With the out breath she pushed the needle through my septum. It didn't hurt AT ALL and I had to ask her whether she had really done it. Honestly no pain! She popped in the jewellery and taught me how to flip it up inside my nostrils so no one would see it if I didn't want them to.

She cleaned me up as I had texta on my nose (and the TINIEST bit of blood) and I inspected my brand new piercing. It looked beautiful! Not at all as heavy as I though it would! It didn't hang too far down my nose and flipping it up inside my nose was easy!

We walked out of the studio and back up to the counter where I was shown how to clean my piercing and given some written instructions on how to look after it. Bi also gave me some salt spray with tea tree oil in it (can't remember the name of the product now...)

I walked out elated as people stared at my nose! I went home and showed my boyfriend who liked it, though I am still unsure whether he is telling the truth. Doesn't matter I suppose as I LOVE IT and wouldn't have it any other way! I know a lot of people won't approve of this piercing but I don't care.

I was lucky that I loved my piercing even though I was unsure about it before I walked in. My advice is to think about it and not do anything you really, really don't want to. I was not that terrified or I wouldn't have gone in at all. Be sure to ask questions and follow the care instructions. My septum has not caused me a lick of pain and seems to be healing well!

Have fun!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Bi
Studio: Punctured+%40+Off+Ya+Tree
Location: Oxford+Street%2C+Sydney

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