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My septum experience

I've been interested in piercings for years. Like many 14 year olds I couldn't wait until I was 18 and could get what piercings I wanted without parental consent. I was totally jealous of other people in my school who got lip and ear piercings under 18. I freaked out one of my friends when she got a side labret, I went with her and I was more excited about it than she actually was! I guess I was quite sad when I was younger... :P . The most I got until I was 17 and got a labret, was stretching my ears.

I liked all sorts of piercings, except the septum piercing. I told myself I would never get it, because "that's what cows have" , and I was totally opposed to the idea, to me it just didn't look right. Many years later, I found myself walking into a piercing shop with my best friend to get it done having completely changed my mind.

After I was 17, I got more interested in piercings, looking through BME and other sites. I gradually increased my piercing collection, getting tragus piercings,a nostril piercing, a belly piercing, and a nape and an industrial when I turned 18.

I kept seeing septum piercings on people in pictures and I decided they looked really pretty. The only thing that put me off was classicly the pain. But I thought the same thing when I got my traguses , which were painless, and my industrial, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Pain is only momentary after all, right? I read some experiences on BME about septums, I did before I got most of my piercings. Other people didn't seem to have big issues or problems. One of my good mates didn't like the idea and said she was going to call me Daisy The Cow after I got it, but it didn't bother me too much, I still wanted to get it! My mind was made up.

When I was 18, my old best friend came back down from Manchester to see everyone and her mum. And it was great, we used to get along very well as we're on the same wavelength , and I'd missed her. She was into piercings as well, she used to have unusual ones such as a vertical bridge and she'd recently got her temple surface piercings re-done. We were talking about piercings, and I mentioned how I'd like to get my septum pierced, to find she was thinking of getting one as well! So we decided to get them done the next day : D I couldn't wait. I'd ask for a retainer, so I could flip it up when I was at work. No problem.

I met her in Ipswich the next day and we went to Steve's. My friend had said she wanted to go first, so I sat at the counter and waited. Suprisingly the piercer did the proceedure on a seat behind the counter in full view for anyone in the shop to see! I couldn't believe it, and I started to get nervous. As soon as my friend got hers pierced, her eyes flooded with water. When I asked her if it hurt, she gave me the finger.

"Ah. Guessing it hurt then."

She said it was a strange pain that she couldn't really describe, but it hurt like a bitch. Way to calm my nerves!

Then it was my turn. I sat down on the seat and after he'd lined the clamp up ready I closed my eyes. It felt extremely sharp at first, and it was painful, but as it went the rest of the way through my septum it wasn't that bad. My eyes weren't watering yet cause I had them shut, which annoyed my friend at first :P, but as soon as I opened my eyes, water just gushed out of them like hell. When the piercer put the jewellery in, that didn't feel so bad. But when he flipped the ring up in my nose he did that quite quickly and I let out an "Ow".

Overall, I was really happy with it. As soon as I got home I cleaned it as it was caked with blood, it felt like I had a blocked nose. The day after, I could flip it up and down and move the ring around in the piercing fine without any major discomfort. :)

If anyone's thinking about getting a septum, you should totally get it. It was a little bit painful for me, but it's totally worth it. It's such a great and pretty piercing, and I'm glad I actually went for it and got it in the end.

It's funny how opinions change over time...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Unknown
Studio: Steve%27s
Location: Ipswich%2C+Suffolk

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