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my diy septum

Ok. So if you've read this, and seen I'm 14, and are shocked, don't be. I'm a lot more mature than most 14 years old and have wanted this piercing for two years! So don't judge me.

Well, it started out today when I met a friend for some lunch. I had mentioned to her that I needed some more needles because I had none left after piercing some friend's cartilage. So, as a surprise, she got me some.They were cannular, not what I'm used to, but I figured it'd be nice to learn how to use them and get a feel for what they're like. (:

I had already bought a cute little black horseshoe for when I got round to piercing my septum, and today I got round my friend's house and just thought - fuck it! I'm doing this bad boy. ;) So I got one of my (14g, cannular, all safe, I promise) needles out from it's sealed packaging and screwed one ball off my horseshoe. I then stuck my fingers up my nose to find out where my sweet spot was, and it's quite high up. Which I had forgotten, which now means that the barbell is a bit too small. I'm going to get a new one when it's healed up a bit.

I then lined it up next to said sweet spot and started to push through the needle. I couldn't even feel it! I was doing it quite slowly though because I had no clamps, and I really wanted this to be straight. I wasn't really expecting it to hurt anyway, because I had (stupidly) previously just stuck a sewing needle through my nose just to see what it felt like. And that didn't hurt at all, so I wasn't really bothered. But then it got to that stupid, stupidly idiotic part where the skin 'tents' from the point of the needle, and so I just pushed really hard and got that joyous 'popping' noise where it's been pushed through! I just remember going "ouruagahaghhhh" or something like that really loudly, and Jodie turning around like "wtf!". (:

I know it doesn't seem very sterile. I did have some new gloves but they just didn't feel right for this, so I took them off and just really thoroughly washed my hands. Everything else was sterilised anyway so it was as safe as it could be at a friend's house.

I showed Jodie and she laughed. I did look kinda stupid with a needle through my nose, I guess. Even I laughed. But I wouldn't let her shove her camera phone in my face! Because I just knew it was going to be alllll over the internet the next day. I pulled out the needle, leaving the plastic in there and threaded the jewellery into the end. I started to pull then was just like 'OH FUCK FUCKFUCK FUCKKKK' because I forgot how much it hurts to pull back out the plastic. It took me like a whole minute just to pull it back out! (If you're thinking of getting this piercing, that bit hurt me more than the actual needle going through! So go do it!) But I did it and the barbell went through, no problem. (:

But then the ball wouldn't get screwed on. I had my fingers holding one side halfway up my nose and Jodie's fingers fiddling about the ball in the other side of my nose. Attractive. We had to get a pair of tweezers in the end to do it, then it was easy to get it done. I was just kinda afraid it was gonna fall out. (:

The gist is, it was stupidly easy really. It only took about 10 minutes in total, mainly because of the amount of fiddling that went on.

I'm not encouraging it here, but I'm going to say I would recommend DIY piercing - only if you're like me though. I re-searched this for about 2 years, on here, on every piercing website I could find, and at my local piercing and tattoo studio who did my tri-navel. You should really know your stuff before you attempt anything. So I'm warning you that it could go wrong and it's upto you, just I've seen more success than disaster stories!

This was all about 4 hours ago and my nose is totally fine. It hasn't bled,run, felt painful or swollen or anything. I'm quite proud of it, and nobody even knows I have it done. Besides my dad and a few friends, because I just felt like telling my dad. He wasn't mad. He said I was, though. :D To clean it, I just carefully washed it out with some warm water and a cotton wool bud because I don't have anything that is great for fresh piercings at the minute. I'll get some soon.

Happy piercing, guys.

E-mail me if you want to know more or just talk about piercing in general. I can talk about it for years haha. (:

EDIT: This was first rejected because symbols were showing up in the text and things, and while I was re-submitting I thought I'd add:

It's been around a month now since I've had it done and it's already healed up quite nicely. There was some crusties (eww!) but they came away quite easily when cleaned qith a q-tip dipped in warm salt water. It hasn't hurt or anything, only when people hit me and forget it's there.

And oh yes, my mother hasn't found out yet. Yay! I might pierce my tongue soon; but that'll be a different story... (:


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: myself.
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Location: burton.

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