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My 10 gage septum

I'm 20 years old and I've had my septum pierced for 2 years now. Since then I have had multiple piercings, but you never really forget your first piercing experience. I'm usually a spur of the moment person but, oddly enough, I put a lot of thought in to what body modifications I want.

I got my septum pierced the day I turned 18 years old. I was your average teenage idiot and wanted to get something that I could hide from my parents and work. My mom said if I was to live in her house I wasn't aloud to have anything in my face but she agreed ears are ok. I didn't want to get my belly button pierced because I'm not that type of girl. Being the sneaky person I was I thought "hey! I can flip it up and hide it!" so I figured I would get.

I had no clue as to where I was going to get pierced. I had went online and I seen a lot of places around Jackson and Washtenaw County (in Michigan) but, I couldn't decide. A lot of my friends weren't really into piercing so that didn't get me very far. I decided that I would go to check out some places on my own.

First place I went to was S&C Tattoo in Ann Arbor, MI. It's a little shack of a place off the side of the road down the street from a couple truck stops. I figured, what the hell, its worth a shot to check it out. I walk in the door and on one side of the shop was a tattoo chair, cases and a piercing chair. The other side was fetish gear and porno movies. This to me was rather appealing, but mostly for comical reasons.

I finally asked to speak to the piercer and it was an older lady who looked rather normal and harmless. First I asked her if I needed an appointment to get pierced, she said no and this seemed to make the process easier. Of course, she asked me what I wanted pierced and I told her my septum, she instantly responded, "I don't like septum's, and I thinks their nasty and ugly!" Yep, not going there!

The day of my birthday my best friend Garret came to my house with a balloon with glitter inside of it. At first I was completely dumbfound at why it but very amused. So, of course, I pop it and glitter flies everywhere! (Which 2 years latter I still cant get all out of my car). 80 dollars fell to the ground and he said it was for my piercing. I was excited and then we went out for breakfast.

After talking to a friend, he recommended going to Pigments in Jackson, Michigan where his tattoo artist works. The day I went in I was expecting to get my septum and my industrial bar. When I got there, I had seen two guys sitting at what looked like a bar with stools and another guy in what looked like a barbers chair getting tattooed. The place was small and seemed nice and friendlier then other places I had went to.

The piercer was an older lady with a buzz cut and a Monroe and her walls were covered with band posters. She asked me what I wanted done and I told her my industrial at the regular 14 gage and my septum at a 10gage. Her eyes got wide and said, "You want your first set of hard wear to be at a 10 gage?" I said I was a trooper and its what I wanted. She was more then happy to pierce it at a 10 gage, which was more encouraging to me.

We walked into a little room and I jumped up on the table. I heard the guys out there talking about that I really have balls to get my septum pierced at a 10 gage. I was watching her prep the needles, pulling them out of the packages, finding clamps, the right jewelry. I felt a little nervous watching all the needles and such. She pulled out a purple pen and said she was going to do the industrial first being it will be easier then the septum. Holding the bar to my ear, she marked off the spots and then grabbed a needle. "1..2..3" and it she was done. I was dumb founded how quick it was.

She grabbed the needle for my septum, which looked way bigger to me then it really was. Then she started to feel up my nose and telling me it was her way of molesting me. When she put the clamps on, she realized they were too small for the needle and had to use huge septum clamps. She fixed the clamps and my eyes started to water I figured this was the worst part. Lining up the needle she asked me if I was ready, I said yes. I took a deep breath then as it went threw I got slightly light headed but stayed sitting up. She popped the jewelry in and my nose bled a little. After that, I have had my septum ever since.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Pigments
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