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It not your god, It everybody God.

All girls love to come back to school with a whole new look that will shock and surprise everyone and I am no exception. I was sixteen, about to go into the eleventh grade and only had my tongue pierced. My first experience with a septum piercing was browsing the internet when I came across a picture of this heavily modified guy who had a septum piercing. I thought," Oh wow. That's so ugly it's cute. I want it!"

I knew people were going to be appalled by my choice and I really wrestled over it. My friends are piercing-less and my family is very anti-body modifications.However, I couldn't help myself. I wanted it too much.

My mom agreed to take me. She didn't like it but she agreed. I searched for the perfect shop, which is closed down now. After getting my haircut, which, by the way turned out perfectly, I made my way to the shop with my mom and sister.

When we walked in we saw the owner tattooing some girl and he told us to wait. We sat down and looked through his portfolio which had really bad tattoos in it.Eventually his assistant came in and prepped me for my septum piercing.

She put her gloves on and rubbed some thing inside my nose. I'm not sure what it was though. It was really weird, having someone stick their fingers up your nose. She marked it and called the piercer over.

The piercer was tall,blonde,and with a very noticeable russian accent. He also had no piercings or tattoos which I found a little weird.We made small talk while he searched for the right clamps to pierce it with. Eventually he got them out and placed the clamps on my nose.

People always say the clamps hurt more then the actual piercing but I found that to be a lie because the clamps were painless.He started asking me questions and then PIERCED ME OUT OF NOWHERE.

I yelled, "Oh my god!" and he said, "Haha. It not your god.It everybody god." That made me laugh.Tears were pouring out my eyes( which happens naturally), I had a hollow needle stuck in my nose, and I was laughing. It hurt really really bad. So many online stories said it would be painless but that was a lie. When people ask me," Did that hurt?" I always say no because I don't want to explain to them the pain of sticking needles through your flesh.

I asked,"Was that it?Are we done?" and he said, " No. I was cleaning your nose.Now we pierce!"

I couldn't believe it and sensing the shock on my face he said," I kid. I kid. Now we put jewelery!" I didn't chose a retainer because my family knew I was getting it, my school allowed it, and I didn't have a job. I got a small circular barbell.I find septum piercings look ugly on most people because they use jewelery that is too big and it overpowers their face. So my advice is to get small jewelery. It looks so much better. Unless you like stretching your piercings. But if you're a feminine girl and want a septum piercing, really stick to small jewelery.

I went home and noticed that my piercing was crooked. Probably from getting pierced mid-sentence. I decided it didn't matter and that it made my piercing somewhat special. I didn't want to have to go through the pain of getting it pierced again so I accepted it. It was hardly noticeable.

I used sea salt soaks to clean my piercings. I got a long and thin tupperware dish, filled it with the correct sea salt solution, put my face in it and blew bubbles for five minutes. Eventually I switched to H2Ocean because it was easier to spray it every few hours then to do the soaks. Strangely, after the second day, I never had crusties or pain. It was like I had had it forever.

I didn't change my jewelery for 7 months. Now I wear a really small curved barbell in it. I have double nostril piercings and snakebites and I didn't want my face to be "Oh My God METAL" so I tend to stick to small jewelery.

You can email me with questions even if you are reading this five years later.

Modification plans: I want to get a tattoo one day when I have something that means something to me. If I ever get bored of my snake bites, I might get double monroe piercings or a medusa. I'm pondering an anti- eyebrow,my hips, and neck( the front). I definitely won't be getting more facial piercings without getting rid of some first though.

I really recommend the septum piercing. The pain is a one time thing and it heals quite easily.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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