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A whim completed my face.

Like most stories involving this increasingly common piercing, my thoughts on the septum piercing were originally negative ones. I never saw much appeal to looking like a bull. However, though, when Christmas rolled around, and I had money to spare, I was going in to get the other side of my snakebites done, and the piercing held a new appeal for me. This was before I had found BME, and I didn't know much about the piercing at the time. I'd seen a few pictures, but that was all. The piercing was done almost entirely on a whim - I'd made the decision to get it done almost hours before I went to the parlor. I decided on 14 gauge, as that seemed to be fairly standard and I wasn't feeling too adventurous with something I knew so little about. Plus, it was definitely noticable, but it wasn't too big for my facial structure. 

I went to White Lotus, where I'd had my first labret piercing done. I trusted the piercers there, and heard nothing but good stories from others. It was the most prestigious place in the area, and even if the prices were more than others, if you want something done right, it's well worth the money. I went in alone, nervous as anything. I plopped in the chair, and sat quietly as he explained the procedure to me, and cleaned out the area. (There's nothing quite like having a stranger clean out your nose with alcohol wipes, I assure you.) Jeff was a great guy, I was incredibly nervous, being there on my own, but his mannerisms calmed me down entirely. He's a calm person, and that transferred well. He showed me the jewelry that would be put in, a 14 gauge horseshoe. Made sense to me. The place was extremely clean, everything was sanitized first, needles were disposed afterwards, and everything came from new packaging. 

Everyone says the clamps are the worst part. I wouldn't say they were the worst, persay.. but I certainly could have done without them if it was an option. He lined up the needle, and I inhaled sharply in anticipation. He used the system of three breaths, pierce on the final exhale. The pain was bearable, but because of the sensitivity of the area, my eyes were watering like nothing else. There was a distinct tickling as he slipped the jewelry through, but not really any pain, just playing on the sensitivity. Then it was done. I looked in the mirror, and for a split second I worried that it didn't fit with my face! That vanished quickly though, and I fell in love with it afterward. It was expertly done, not crooked in the least, and well placed! He went over cleaning and aftercare instructions with me, I paid him (without a tip, I wasn't familiar with the ettiquete at this point. I feel bad, he did such a great job!) I went outside to wait for my ride, and the cold wasn't ni

ce, but that was fine. My father grimmaced when he saw it, he'd expected the other side of my lip done, which it was, but he hadn't expected this, and he wasn't fond of it. No one was, initially. My boyfriend didn't say anything, which indicated a bit of reluctance, but he grew used to it quickly.

I had been unemployed when I got my septum, and I was returning to a previous employer who told me I couldn't have a job while I kept the piercing. Because I didn't know much about the piercing itself, I didn't know it could simply be flipped up. I was extremely upset of course, being so attatched to my new piercing (not to mention the 60 dollars I invested). It was a beautiful discovery when a friend explained it to me. Flipping it up didn't impair with healing at all, which was relieving. 

Healing was an easy process. Because of the location of the piercing, I wasn't playing with it. I cleaned it bi-daily with warm saltwater, and no problems at all. A little weeping in the first week, but that cleared up surprisingly quickly. It wasn't sore, or tender. In fact, my labret caused me much more issues. There was a little bit of swelling, which made my nose look a bit big, but nothing horrible. The jewelry accomodated it just fine, and the swelling died in a few days.  

For a piercing I got on a whim, it's now my favorite! My parents hate it, but they support it. As a kid, my dad always joked about getting a bone through my nose when I talked about piercings. Now, I have one! Anyone who is contemplating this piercing, I do recommend it. It can be hidden easily, healing isn't a complicated process, and it looks adorable. I got it off the fly, and I do feel it completes my face. It's done wonders for my self-confidence, it's made me realize how good I can look.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jeff+Forrest
Studio: White+Lotus
Location: Fredericton

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