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2nd time lucky!

For about a year I had wanted my nose pierced; I have a selection of other piercings and have always thought that the nose was the only facial piercing that would suit me, so my mum and I decided to get it done after my GCSES after much persuasion, as a reward for my hard work. N'aww.

I had previously gone to a piercing establishment in my local town of Tunbridge Wells, which was very professional, sterile etc - everything you want your piercing place to be, so we decided to return there.

But on the day of my last exam, I went back there and my previous piercer, Steve, had been replaced by a new woman as he now worked on tattoo's. After talking to her she told me that she was fully trained and now works full time and seem perfectly friendly. Ok I thought, she must be fine etc so everything's peachy. WRONG.

Mum and I signed all the forms and I picked a nice turquoise jewel, so I went to sit in the chair, the old endorphins whizzing. She sterilised my nose and jewellery and marked up the position she wanted my piercing to be; everything was fine. She then clamped it which was fine. It started to go down hill from here. She then put the needle through, but with some difficulty. She seemed quite uncomfortable and scatty. It hurt a lot and took longer then expected, but I thought well y'know, a few seconds of pain is worth it, and this is the main bit over with surely. But it wasn't a few seconds. When she went to put the jewellery through, she couldn't. Anyone who has seen a nose stud knows the shape, but for those who haven't it is curved with a straight bit at the end, so you have to twist it to get it through (stops it falling out as easily.) But she didn't twist at the right time, in fact far too early, so instead of slipping it through my nose, she was prodding the insides of
my nostril including, unfortunately, the capillaries. So casually bleeding to death (alright exaggerating, but there was lots of blood.) After 5 excruciating minutes, she decided to take it out and try again.

The needle went through easier but she still couldn't get the jewellery. It had swollen up slightly so it was even harder to get the jewel through. Her hands were shaking badly and after 10 minutes we gave up. At one point she told me she had it through, but no, she didn't. Mum went out and was sick, not surprised there was a lot of blood. I have a high pain threshold but bloody hell it hurt.

She couldn't do it. I walked out crying and swearing and shouting - general anger, with my money back in my pocket and a throbbing nose.

Not phasing me, i went to another shop to get the other side done the next day. Not only was he very confident that this experience would be much better, but he was gorgeous too. Lovely. He cleaned the area and was much more at ease then the other woman. He but the needle through and it hardly hurt, then the jewel went through - the bit i'd be dreading. But everything was fine and i was really surprised how this experience compared to the day before. He was much more professional and joked around whilst talking me through the whole procedure. He even checked out the damage that the silly cow had done the day before, apart from it being sore and swollen it was fine.

Basically the moral of this story is go to someone you trust, and you know is going to do a decent job. Not everyone is as silly as me and goes back the next day to get it done again. Even though i know it wasn't her fault as she was only recently trained - it it wasn't fair to put me through it or anyone else for that matter. Tunbridge Wells Inskin used to be a place with a high reputation and good name, but i think it's slowly degrading.

I do warn you though - they seem to come out easily. A slight knock and they're out - and not easy to slip back in again if you're not healed. You have to get back to a piercer within an hour if you want them to put it in reasonably comfortably. Maybe i am more accident prone then others but it happens. After this happening twice in 2 weeks, i put a ring in mine to stop it happening. At 5 weeks, it's healed and fine.

I recommend this piercing as it looks great and is easy to clean and doesn't hurt. Good luck :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Garth
Studio: Wild+Cherry
Location: Tonbridge

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