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Welcome to my face, septum piercing.

It's difficult to understand the significance of this piercing without a bit of background.

When I first discovered piercings that were not just limited to the ears, I was more or less instantly repulsed by any nose piercings. No idea why, because I thought they looked great on the right face.

Fast forward five or so years, and I notice that my taste is morphing slightly. I got a nipple piercing, followed swiftly by a genital piercing. And it was about the time of the latter when I discovered that I felt my face was missing something. For me, a nostril piercing is out of the question, that one has stuck. But I was coming round to the septum idea, and despite not liking my nose... decided that it would make a welcome addition to it.

The only place I will get pierced in London is by Julie at Cold Steel. Always helpful, professional, clean, and never tire of me asking endless questions. Plus I found it to be great value, quoted £25 for my septum.

To save money, I booked my piercing for a Saturday, the same day as a meet up for a hair forum I use. I got there quite early with a new friend I made, instantly making a bit more nervous, who wants to embarrass themselves in front of new people, eh? Either way, paid my deposit and tottered off to get some sugar in me, in the form of a chocolate oatcake, twix and lucozade. Never fails to keep my blood sugar up, and I rarely have bad piercing experiences.

Upon arrival back at Cold Steel, filled in the usual forms, and since I frequent the place, I no longer get asked for ID, although Cold Steel generally are quite strict on this, and most people will be asked for ID if any of the staff doubt their age.

When called, sat up on the chair, and Julie cleaned up my nose with a solution that I was expecting to be quite, er, fragrant. But no, just a cool sensation. She then talked me through how the procedure would be done, with my head off the back of the chair once laying flat. This concerned me due to by childish inability to stay still when excited, and surely the inevitable head rush would mean instant unconsciousness. Julie reassured me at this point she would just ask me to shuffle back onto the chair fully. Right, no problem.

No clamps, as she did the piercing freehand. I closed my eyes and was quite merrily thinking about my breathing when she said that she'd pierce on my next breath out. So, being totally prepared for it, I breathed hard. And through the needle went. It was a strong, sharp sensation, about 5/10 at most I would say. Nothing unbearable. And it subsided instantly. I braced myself for inevitable eye-watering. But much to my surprise, it didn't come. My eyes certainly convulsed and twittered a bit, and then I got the giggles. But no watery eyes to speak of. All good, kept face in front of new friend!

Julie then showed me how to flip my retainer up, and reminded me of aftercare steps that I should be taking. So, off I went after this to enjoy the meet with a load of new friends... all was well. Managed to keep it relatively safe during the day, with just a couple of knocks.

First night.

I left it well alone for its first night, and I think this was for the best, as it was stinging a bit, and I had no desire to irritate it.

Day two.

I cleaned it after a shower, with sea salt solution. It bled a bit, but nothing even remotely noteworthy. Bit of stinging to the extent it made me sneeze and cringe a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary. No real issue with swelling although I did notice that one side was a bit more sore than the other. Dabbed fresh blood with cotton buds and left alone.

By bedtime, it had swollen a fair bit, so I iced my nose for a little while, just to take the edge off it, which helped a great deal. No problem with it during the night, but then I did have it flipped up to avoid frivolous kittens!

Day three.

Today, the swelling has continued. I've got the u-shaped retainer flipped up for work, and I intend on leaving it there until it has healed. Bit tender to touch the end of my nose, and if I brush it, it stings. To be honest, nothing I have not been expecting.

And so the journey continues. Not sure how I feel about the look of the piercing yet, I think I will know once it has healed and I can change the jewellery to something I think would suit me more.

But that's a story for another day.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Julie
Studio: Cold+Steel
Location: Camden%2C+London%2C+UK

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