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The Little Bull

My septum was my first professional modification beyond the gunning of my ears and I wouldn't have had it any other way. At first glance, I found the piercing to be horribly unattractive and I wondered why anybody would've wanted to, well, look like a bull, basically. Apparently this is a common first reaction, because after lurking BME/Modblog for a year, the septum piercing definitely began to grow on me. I was seventeen at the time of this revelation, so to speak, and I realized that this was the piecing I wanted the most. As my mother is rather conservative, I knew this wouldn't fly so I first considered doing it myself. I was smart enough to realize that this really wasn't a viable option (no offense to the DIY-ers – more power to you if you pierced it yourself and got it straight.) so I told myself I'd wait the three months until my 18th birthday.

I spent the next three months pouring over BME experiences so I'd know what was going to happen during the procedure. I'm not really a fan of surprises, but I was surprised to find out that people said that it didn't really hurt that bad. I'd previously been under the impression that this was 'OMG THE MOST PAINFUL PIERCING EVER!!!1,' so I was more than a little relieved. A lot of people related it to just getting their nose hairs ripped out and that hurts, obviously, but I figured it was bearable, so I was all set. As an 18th birthday gift to myself, I was going to get my septum pierced.

My mom had no idea this was going down. I'd pierced my navel myself (disclaimer: I do not encourage DIY piercing unless you have the means to do it in sanitary conditions) and my mom had found out, but she was more grossed out than anything. A navel piercing, in her opinion, was socially acceptable like the ears, and she didn't have a problem with it. A facial piercing? That was in a whole different league. It was one of the reasons I wanted my septum pierced in the first place – you can hide it.

So I read experiences and I looked around for shops and I angsted about the pain, the aftercare, and I dreamed about the piercing until the day my best friend came back from California so she could accompany me to the piercing shop. I had my other friend drive me and my stomach was doing flips the whole time. By the time I got to the shop, my stomach had quit and I wasn't near as nervous as I'd been the whole day. It's the anticipation that kills you, really.

I went up to the counter and I told the piercer I wanted my septum pierced. He copied my ID, got a 16g CBB from the jewelry case, and led me up the stairs of the little house and back into the piercing room. I sat down on the bench-type thing in the middle of the room and did my nervous giggling while he got everything ready. He put on gloves and cleaned my nose, which wasn't so bad, and I rambled on like an idiot about how I should've blown my nose and stuff before hand. After he cleaned my nose, he felt around for my sweet spot with his pinkies. I took my friend's hand as he unpackaged the individual-use needle and clamped my nose. Some experiences say that the clamp hurts pretty bad, but I don't remember it bothering me. He asked me if I was ready, waited until I respond with a shaky little "Yes," and then pushed the needle through. It took all of two seconds and it was just a little pinch. Completely bearable. I laughed when it was over and he corked the needle, then went to get the jewelry. There was another pinch as he pushed the jewelry through, then he asked if I wanted to see it down before he flipped it up, as I had requested that he flip it up since I still had to hide it from my mother until I figured out a way to break it to her. I blinked back my tears (the needle makes your eyes water), then got up to look at it. It was perfect. I'd gotten my septum pierced! I was completely elated – there's no feeling like it. He gave me the balls to my CBB and then we went downstairs so I could pay him. It was $55 including the jewelry and I gave him a $15 tip, half because he'd just made one of my dreams come true in the span of fifteen minutes and half because my hands were shaking so hard with adrenaline that I couldn't really bother with counting out the money. He gave me an aftercare sheet, we thanked him, and then we left. The elation continued and continues to this day. :)

It throbbed for the rest of the day but the pain tapered off after the next day and it only hurt if I jarred it by accident. I practiced flipping it up and down and by the second week, it didn't hurt at all. I eventually told my mom about it by telling her that she was going to be annoyed with me because I'd gotten a facial piercing. I told her to find it and she couldn't (haha), so I pointed to my nose and told her it was up there. It actually worked out really well, because her main complaint was that I "wouldn't be able to get a job."

That's why I love my septum piercing so much. It was relatively painless, the aftercare is easy, it heals quickly, and if you're in a situation where you don't need it to be seen, you can flip it up and it's your own little secret. There's no reason why you shouldn't get this piercing. Even if you 'don't think you have the face for it' or something, it's still amazing to have a secret piercing that only you know about. I recommend getting this piercing 100%. I don't think any of my future piercings will ever top my septum.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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