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Tale of a Chicken's Nose Piercing experience

Well, it started out that I was going to Body Language on 24th and Seawall Blvd here in Galveston to watch my niece get a tattoo, something I had done before so I was happy to go along and share the experience with her.

Three years ago, I went with her to get her nose piercing and she suggested that we do it at the same time, but she got brave way before I did, and I didn't do it that day. I even asked my doctor for some numbing style cream so I could do the piercing pain free, never got brave enough to do it. I have no idea why today was any different, but I'm glad it was!

Finally this day, July 25, 2008, after sitting for three hours watching the tattoo process, and seeing two other piercings performed I decided to 'put up or shut up' and just do it. I was nervous, but after I paid I figured there was no turning back.

I was talking excessively due to anxiety, freaking out when Todd, the piercer, was only marking my nose ('What are you doing? Wait! What's that??")so I'm grateful that he didn't tell me to shut up. I told him I had anxiety and I would likely be talking up a storm and he was VERY nice, didn't seem agitated with me at all, which is another thing I was worried about. With my tattoo, I cursed so much that the guy finally told me to "shut the 'f' up" so I really didn't want to make Todd annoyed at me. Not a good thing to piss off someone with a sharp needle aimed at your face. However, there was nothing to worry about here, because this guy is a professional dude, very helpful and puts your mind at ease. No pressure to get it done, he's just honest and straightforward.

He marked my nose, and after having me check its placement and approving the spot,asked me to lie back on the table and he proceeded to put a metal straw on the inside of my nose, pushed the needle through my nose which met the metal straw on the inside (I suppose it's used to avoid any unfortunate internal needle sticks), and he corked the end of the needle long enough to get the jewelry. He then pushed the jewelry on through and it was done!

The question I have asked everyone, and you may be searching here for yourself, is did it hurt? Well- too many people have outright lied and said NO, it didn't hurt. I'm not gonna lie. It did hurt a little, but it's not enough to send you through the roof. There was no popping sound for me like some people describe,not much bleeding other than a little drop.I didn't scream, I think I might have cursed once and then did a few in and out breaths, but then it was over and I felt really stupid for being so nervous and afraid. I felt some pain with the actual piercing, again when he handled it to put the cork on, and again with the jewelry placement, but it was all just an annoying pain, not an unbearable, "Holy Mother of God this hurts!" type pain. It was similar to the feeling of a clothespin pinching, and it only lasted a few seconds, so it's completely bearable. You've probably endured more pain stepping on a sticker in the summertime. Plus you had to pull that out.

To accurately gauge my pain threshold level, you are reading the words of someone who, when faced with child labor, argued in the LD area over the size of the needle to be used for my blood draw for an HOUR. I am one of the biggest chickens in Galveston County and I did this. Go ahead and do it! You'll feel soooo proud of yourself afterwards for how brave you were.

I can't speak from experience about any other piercing/tattoo studio in Galveston, but I have to say that Todd is really cool, he's knowledgeable, down to earth and is patient and makes you feel really comfortable. He made a point of showing me the needles that he threw away to ensure that they don't re-use them. The rooms are very sterile, clean and bright. He went over aftercare with me very well and was really helpful through the experience. My sister went back two days after I did to get hers done too (she didn't even bleed or even curse like I did...) and the other piercer that did hers was really nice as well and very thorough. I would highly recommend Body Language as a very reputable place to go if you'd like to get a piercing or tattoo.

Any questions just send me an email~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Todd
Studio: Body+Language
Location: 24th+and+Seawall+Blvd+in+Galveston%2C+Tx

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