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my nose piercing

About a year ago I got my nose pierced for a bit of fun and I love it. It was one of the best things I ever got done it looks cool and my boy friend loves if. He thinks it looks sexy and it is one of my favorite piercing and I would recommend getting it to anyone that asked me. I want to get another one on the other side that is how much I love it. It took a while to heal and every time I changed it, it hurt like hell but all the pain that I went through was worth it! my friends at collage thinks it looks cool and the day after I got mine done my best friend went and got her's done and she did not look after it properly and it got all infected so now I take extra good care to look after mine and make sure it is all clean

I got my piercing because it was something I always wanted to do when I was a kid and mum or dad would always say no.

So as soon as I hit 17 I want and got it done just because my parents could not tell me to take it out because I was not living with them ha ha.

since I got my nose priced I now have my navel snake bites and I plan to get a corset piercing and some surface piercing I would also like a tattoo and scarifications I think that would look cool.

and the only reason I get all my piercing is because you only get to live life once so live if to the full and do what you want to so and do not let anyone get in the was or stop you from doing so.

3 days after I got my nose done a lot of girls in my classes called me names and called me a tramp and stupid stuff like that but I got over if and then they stopped when I told them to grow up get a life and not to judge others just because they too scared to be different do not judge the people who are not to scared to be different and be who they want to be anyway that's my story of what happened and my reasons for why I did it.

The other reason I did it was because it was something I had not had and wanted to try out and see if I like it. I loved it and I am so glad and so happy I got it done, every morning I wake up and check it and either put a new stud in it or a new ring and make it look all pretty.

When I first got it done the funniest thing happened, I was at a party with a few friends and I laughed so hard that my stud shot out and I lost it and I had to go buy another one the next day which was hard because I had no money and did not get paid until the Tuesday and it was a Friday.

When I got a new stud for it was a coil one and I put it in and it had sort of closed over just a bit so it hurt when I put it in and it got infected and I had to go to the doctor and the gave me some antibiotics and sent me home.

A few weeks later I then got a new stud and put it in and it was fine and did not get infected or anything but yet again it was a coil one and when I went to take it out it hurt a lot and I could not take it out because it hurt to much so yet again I went back to the doctors and they sent me to the nurse and she took it out for me and I was told not to put anything in it and let it heal over. So that is what I did I let it heal over then a couple of months later I got it priced again but this time I looked after it as well as I could and did not let anything get in like dirt or anything, I cleaned it everyday and when it healed I got a new stud for in and this time it was not a coil stud it was a "L" stud and it did not cause me any trouble and it looked better and I loved it.

Now when get up every morning I change it if I'm sick of the one that's in it or if I do not like it and I clean everything before chancing it and I use any type of stud apart from a coil because the coil stud caused me so much trouble and its not worth it.

Well that's my story of what happened when I got my nose priced and some of the trouble that it cause me but I am still happy with it and in the end it is still my favorite piercing and I so would recommend it to anyone who asked me.

And for the question "Did it hurt when you got it done?" No it did not it only hurt when it got infected and when I had to go to the doctors and get it removed.

Thank you for reading my story of what happened to me and why I got my piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Amanda
Studio: Abuslutions
Location: New+Zealand

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