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My nose

It was about 6 days before my 16th birthday and I had FINALLY talked my parents into letting me get my nose pierced. My dad thought it would be better than a tattoo at my age, since I had asked for that too. It took some convincing, but after talking to them about it and mentioning it to them left and right, they finally gave in.  
Most of my friends had already gotten their nose pierced, as well, so I figured I would be the one to go next. I will admit, I was a tad nervous haha, I had never had anything else pierced besides my ears. Honestly, I wanted like five people to come with me and just hold my hand while I got it pierced. My friend Sara, she is extremely afraid of needles. You could call her a pansy. She had never had anything in her life pierced. I'm not even sure how she got talked into getting her nose pierced, but she did and I'm pretty sure it took a couple people to hold her down. She was probably the reason for my doubt before getting it done.  
So finally, my dad took me to Dr. Jack's Ink Emporium to get it pierced on Mother's Day. We got in there and the lady took me back into a room. She had me lay down and she explained everything that she would do for the piercing beforehand. She was very good to me and made me feel comfortable. I layed down and she stuck this sort of cork in my nose and stuck the needle through, then put in the stud. It was quick and quite painless. I hardly felt it at all. Most of my friends that had their's done, said it hurt really bad, so I was anticipating some sort of agonizing pain. It just felt like a slight pinch or a shot to the nose, if you will.  
After it was pierced, I had gotten this seasalt spray to keep it clean and keep the bacteria out of my nose. You just need to make sure you don't cry or get sick because if you do, then you're piercing will get super infected. Let me tell you, it's pretty gross. Depending on how sick you are, will determine the level of grossness. Stud noserings are sort of hard to keep clean because the post of it is curved. I have serious allergies too, so that didn't help the situation. So if you have the same problem, make sure you clean it extra well. The stud in my nose has a long post so it sort of slides back and forth in my nose from time to time, so I have to play with it constantly to keep it in place and to keep the post from showing in my nose. Many people pointed out that I had a "booger" in my nose, so I had to explain to them it was just my nosering. Eventually, I got a new stud that had a shorter post, so I no longer had that problem.

I had to take it out for volleyball practice, also. It took a while getting used to taking it out and putting it back in because it was sort of painful. I don't think it was fully healed then. It would be out for a full two hours and it wasn't even past three weeks of being pierced. I really don't think it was good for the healing process of my nose because it got infected more times than it should. I was just hoping there wouldn't be any extensive damage from the infections.
There were other times I would take it out to scrub my face and forget to put my nosering back in, so it would close up a little in the morning. It's very difficult to put a nosering back in after leaving it out for a long time, especially if it's not fully healed. After leaving it out for a long time, I could hardly get the stud back into the hole. I would sit there with a needle and shove the needle through so I could at least get something through it. I didn't want $45 wasted because it closed up accidentally.
After a long time, it healed up nicely and I'm very proud of my nosering. I have to wear it at all times because now that I have it, I would feel naked if it wasn't in, even though I can't feel it when it's in. Once you have it, you don't even notice it's there. I plan on getting many more piercings and some tattoos sometime soon also. If you're planning on getting your nose pierced, but you're nervous about it, just take it from me, it's not that bad. Many people have lived through it, so you can, too.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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