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My first real piercing

I should start off by explaining that for the past few years, every major event in my life has been marked by body mod, although until May it was always cutting.

Sixteen marked something for me. I'd gotten through a lot of shit in the past three years and I was finally happy (and had stopped cutting). So what better way to mark that than with a piercing? My first, professionally done piercing (not including my ears when I was little).

So I talked to my parents, they weren't happy. Mum saw the connection to cutting and said she didn't want me to do it, dad said it had to be somewhere my school would either be okay with or not know about (I'm currently at a private school that doesn't allow piercing). So I thought, and came up with my septum. I've always thought it looks kind of cute, it's small and you can flip it up and make it invisible. And if I didn't like it, I could take it out and there'd be no scar tissue.

So I talked to my parents. Dad said it was okay with him (he was a hippie and still has one ear pierced), Mum said I'd look like a pig and she didn't want me to do it, but understood it was my choice and I did not need their consent. She also said she didn't want to see it when I had it done, and didn't want to know about it. They had one condition, I go to a reputable piercing studio. That was already a definite, Flesh Wound is the best studio south of Auckland, and possibly the best in NZ. So me and one of my friends, Liss, arranged a weekend when we could get pierced (she was getting her left helix. We've done everything together since we were little, and figured this would be no exception). On the drive down with another Barney and his mum, he said he quite liked the idea of a piercing too so decided to get his helix as well.

Eventually we got there and started walking up to the studio. We'd been at a party the night before and hadn't slept so were still a little high and a little hungover. On the way up, we saw Sam, my ex, and he decided to come with us and get his eyebrow pierced (Flesh Wound doesn't require appointments, thank god). We walked in and I was instantly hit with a serious case of nerves. Stupid thoughts started going through my head, like what if he gets distracted and the needle goes the whole way through my nose. So Liss told me not to be stupid and that if I didn't go through with this, I'd regret it. Plus, I'd already talked it up to my friends at school. So we agreed I'd go first and she'd be right after me. I talked to Hamish (the owner) and Jimbo about the process, the jewellery and the aftercare (they opened the bar up so I could flip it up and down for school). They got me to sign the forms, laughed when I had to count how long it was since I'd consumed alcohol or drugs, an d took me into the other room to get started.

Jimbo explained everything as he was doing it, spent a long time marking up the dots to make sure it was even, and explained why he wasn't using a clamp (the lack of a clamp meant that the piercing would be more precise and wouldn't hurt nearly as much). He opened the needle packet in front of me, lined everything up and told me he was going to count to three and I had to take a deep breath in on two and exhale on three. I did as he said, and on three he pierced. It didn't hurt so much as felt weird (he pierced through the "sweet spot", the bit of skin in between the cartilage). He put the jewellery in and asked if it was okay if he took photos for their website. I looked at it in their little mirror and was ecstatic, it was perfect. He went over aftercare again as I paid him. Since then, I've been back in to ask about jewellery changes and such and they're very helpful and very funny. I took another friend there to get her septum pierced too, though she decided to do it once her nose had fully healed from past piercing.

Septum really is the perfect piercing, it only took two weeks to heal and wasn't painful during that time, flips up easily and is kind of a nice accent to my face.

Oh, and my mum saw it cause I couldn't get it flipped up by the time I went home. She said she kind of likes it too.


submitted by: Jimmy Jazz
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jimbo
Studio: Flesh+Wound
Location: Wellington%2C+NZ

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