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much better than anticipated

When I first contemplated a nose piercing, I wanted to get a standard side or nostril piercing. But where I work you cannot have any facial piercings, which is fine for the ones I already have, I just take them out, but it is so annoying knowing that I cannot add to my piercing collection. That is when I started to think about a septum piercing (due to the fact that you can flip up the jewelry to hide it at work). After thinking about it for a while, I decided I would go ahead and get it done.

Before I went to get my septum pierced I asked my boyfriend who has had his done for a few years now how his experience went. He had told me that it was extremely painful and the healing time was long and annoying (but I had to keep in mind that his was a do it yourself piercing). I decided to get ahead and do it (professionally) anyway after researching it on this site and watching videos of people getting it done on the internet.

I went with a friend of mine up to my favorite studio (Skin Candy in Racine Wisconsin). They have great pricing, friendly staff, and clean and cool shop. We were greeted by the piercing artist who gave me my forms to fill out.

She then led us back to her area (all the artists for tattoos and piercings alike have their own little room to provide privacy) and as soon as I sat down she gave me a frequent piercer card (buy 3 piercings get the 4th free). Her room was filled with pictures of African tribes with large lip plates, scarification and other examples of body modification. She too had a lot of piercings, including the one I was there to get which put me at ease to know that the person who is going to be doing my piercing has experienced it already herself.

She had me sit back in the chair and cleaned my septum and felt around for the "sweet spot" where the piercing would be. When she found it she pulled out the clamps and warned me that the clamps hurt. She also warned me that the clamps were the worst part and that a lot of people do not want to go though the piercing after the clamps are applied but not to worry, that the clamps are the most painful part for the procedure.

She applied the clamps, and they did hurt. My eyes started watering profusely. From what I have heard the eye watering is inevitable, if you are in pain or not it just sort of happens. So girls do not go to get this done with a lot of dark eye makeup because it will be running down your face in no time. But I digress, after the clamps I closed my eyes and she stuck the needle in. I did not even feel it go in, or the jewelry for that matter.

Before I knew it I had a shiny new septum ring. I was glad that she warned me about the clamp being the worst part, because it was and it gave me piece of mind to find that what she said was true. She then gave me her after piercing pamphlet and offered me a discount on a bottle of H2Ocean with my piercing. I took her up on it, paid, tipped and we left.

It was strange at first, I could feel the breaths I took passing over the piercing site and It sort of tickles. The rest of the day it was fine, I did not even realize that it was there. But the next morning I woke up and it was itching like crazy! The only thing that gave me relief was using the H2Ocean. It says on the bottle that it can help with itching and it really does. I never thought of itching being a side effect, I have a few other piercings and I have never had one itch like this.

It is now three days since I have gotten my piercing and everything is going great. I went into this thinking it would hurt and smell (I have heard a lot about septum piercings smelling) but so far I have not experienced anything of the sort. So far it has just been a little sore, tickled, and itched (a lot actually, I strongly recommend H2Ocean).

Getting my septum done was a fun experience and I am glad that I went through with it despite some wary stories that I heard before I got it done. Every persons experience is different, but mine went well so if you are contemplating getting this done I say go ahead. So long as you do your research and find a good studio and a good piercer all should go well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Anngee
Studio: Skin+Candy
Location: Racine+WI

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