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A Spontaneous But Worth While Decision

Last week, me and my friend Natalie were talking about tattoos. We've both wanted one for ages, but I wanted wait until I got mine. So we agreed to go book her tattoo once we had found a design she liked (she wanted two angel wings on the back of her neck), but I suddenly felt this urge to have some form of something done to my body.

I have a few piercings, all fairly standard, I have a double lobe (the second holes were DIY) piercing on each ear, a cartilage piercing on my top right ear and my navel pierced. I really like the look of all of them, but my favourite is my belly button, as it is so feminine, so another piercing to accentuate my features as a female would have been ideal. I suddenly thought of a nostril piercing, it looked cute, I didn't know anyone who had it pierced so it was something different, and I felt it would really highlight my face.

So the decision was made, the next day I made my way to the piercing shop, Excentrix. They sell all kinds of stuff like dragons and wind chimes and gothic furniture. As well as body piercing they do tattoos, which I mentally noted for Natalie. I had a quick chat with the piercer about jewellery & the procedure etc. And then the date was set.

3 days later I made my way back to Excentrix with Natalie and Joel, to of my best friends to get it done! As I was walking towards the studio anxiety started to set it...

Was I making a good decision? I hadn't actually consulted my mother about the piercing. A facial piercing...what if it ruined my face, went wrong, got infected?

I calmed my nerves by having a quick cigarette and then onwards we went. I seriously think Natalie was more worried than me!

After filling out a quick form, I went up some rickety steps with my two friends and we waited until the woman was ready. Only Natalie was allowed in with me, but that was for hygiene purposes.

So I chose my jewellery (a tiny silver stud with a little diamond thing in it) and sat back in the chair). She marked a tiny dot on my nose with the famous purple marker. I decided on my left hand side nostril because my cartilage ear piercing is on my right, and I didn't want my face to look unbalanced. It's the perfect placement, exactly were I wanted it! She explains the procedure to me, how I will feel a quick sharp pain etc.

At this point Natalie noticed the tattoo she has been searching for months (angel wings on the back of her neck). She didn't realize the piercing I was about to take place. The clamps went on, I seriously that that was the piercing! And the lady sprays some freeze spray on my nose and tells me not to breath in whilst it settles. Then the needle. I felt a lot of pressure against my nostril and then a sharp stinging. I suddenly grasp Natalie's hand very tightly and say "Fuck" quite loudly. The lady smiles and tells me they don't mind swearing. At this point Natalie turns to look and sees that I have a large needle coming out of my nostril, and nearly faints! It was really funny, her hands went all sweaty and she went as white as a sheet which looked funny as she is quite naturally tanned.

This brief epic distracted me from the enormous needle hanging out of my face. The lady got the jewellery and twisted it in. Apart from the initial first sting, this was the most uncomfortable part.

My nose bled a little bit, and my eyes watered quite a bit, the lady kindly mopped up my leaking mascara for which I was very grateful. I didn't want to look like I had cried! (I hadn't, watery eyes is apparently common when you have your nose pierced)

So I got up, a bit shaky, and looked at my nostril. It is beautiful; I can't stop looking at it even now! It's exactly how I wanted it.

So Natalie booked her perfect tattoo at the same time, a double bonus.

I thanked the lady and she handed me an aftercare leaflet, and told me if I should have any problems then I should come back straight away.

I was actually surprised at how little it has hurt since then; I expected some swelling but have had none. Someone at my place of work actually said today that it didn't look like a new piercing, and I had it done yesterday!

I didn't catch it on my sheets last night, and have been keeping on top of cleaning and looking after it. I wanted to show it off and luckily there was a party that night, everyone thought it looked great!

My mum was cool about it as well, she originally said "No more piercings after my ears" and that was just with one hole in each" but she took me to get my navel pierced for my 14th birthday so...! She's getting used to it!

I'm really glad I decided to do this, I love my nostril piercing and the pain is only momentary, and so worth it. Also I have a fairly small nose, which I was a bit worried about encase it looked stupid, but it actually makes my nose look better!

So for anyone considering this piercing...I say go for it! However research carefully first so you know what you're getting and the procedures, safe jewellery and stuff like that. My decision was a bit out the blue which isn't really very clever, but it looks wicked!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Excentrix
Location: Shrewsbury%2C+Shropshire%2C+England

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