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Septum, finally..

Hi, I'm Andrew. When I first started high school, I started getting into Piercings. Since then (One and a half years ago), I have had my left ear pierced 7 times and stretched to 14mm, my right ear pierced once and stretched to 8mm, my tongue pierced, my lip pierced, and both of my eyebrows pierced. I decided to get another one, and so I chose my septum.

I'd arranged to get this done with my friends on many other occasions, not really intending to go through with it and instead getting something different pierced. One day, my friend said to me "Hey, we actually should get our septum's pierced". I replied with a yes, like every other time I'd been asked.

Two weeks prior to the piercing, we went into town after school to muck around and have something to eat. We walked by the piercing shop and my friend said "Let's go book our septum's". I was a little bit shocked, but went through with it anyway.

The next two weeks were filled with anticipation. Me and my friend constantly text messaged each other talking about the piercing. I decided that if I was going to get it done, then I'd have to do my research to make sure that I'd be familiar with the process when the time came to going in and getting it pierced, so I searched through the internet, read experiences, looked at pictures and asked people that had their septum pierced various questions.

The main thing I feared was the pain. Every where I asked, I'd either get the answer "Yes it hurts so much!", or "No, I didn't even feel it". I even found myself getting different answers from the same people. It was very confusing and I had no idea what to expect when I went to get it.

The day before the piercing, I told my mum I needed money and her consent for the piercing. I wasn't quite sure what her response was going to be, but surprisingly, she agreed to give me the money and give consent. I was extremely happy.

We arrived at the shop around an hour before the piercing. My mum went in and signed the consent form and gave me the money. We inspected the shop before leaving for lunch. This probably wasn't vital as I'd been in there many times before for Piercings, and every time it had been one hundred percent clean and tidy, and the piercer was extremely good at what she did.

We sat and started eating, and discovered we only had five more minutes to finish our food. The nerves started to set in, so I ate quickly and rushed to the piercing shop.

When we got there, we had to wait around for ten minutes. The scary thing at the time was that I wasn't feeling scared for the piercing, whereas for every other piercing I have had I had been extremely scared before hand. I tried to make myself scared but it didn't really work.

We were called into the piercing room. There were three of us getting Piercings. My friend and I getting our septum's, and my other friend getting her anti eyebrow. We decided to let her get her anti eyebrow first, and then toss a coin to see who would be the first for septum. I really didn't want to go last.

We tossed the coin and it turned out I lost, so I had to go last. At that point, I started freaking out a little. My friend said I didn't have to go last, which was a relief. Before I could do anything, the piercer said "Okay, your turn" to my friend, so it turned out I was going last.

The piercer lined up her sweet spot. This took a long time, and as time went on, I grew to become more scared. I even thought about leaving the room, but I decided to stay and watch.

The piercer lined up the needle and started to push it through. My friend was in immense pain, which was not a good sign as she has a high pain thresh hold and has been through many Piercings before. Watching probably wasn't the smartest idea ever, but oh well.

It was my turn, and I was really scared. I sat up on the chair and the piercer put two cotton buds with some kind of cleaning stuff on them up my nose. As she was putting them in, she told me to exhale so that the chemicals wouldn't go into my nasal passages. This made me think of how professional she was.

She started to find my sweet spot. She exclaimed "Whoa!". I was worried, so I said "What's wrong?". She said "You've got the biggest sweet spot I have ever pierced!". This made me feel a lot better. She continued to feel around my nose. She pushed hard with her fingers on the spot. She asked if it hurt. I said to her that I felt no pain. This was my sweet spot.

I was laid back by then, and wasn't really expecting it to hurt that much. She began to push the needle through and my started watering instantly. It was extremely painful. The piercing itself felt like it lasted for 10 seconds. Nothing could have prepared me for it.

I asked if she was finished and she told me she was. Quite a bit of blood was coming out, and my friends looked worried. I wasn't at all.

I felt like I was high on happiness, it was a brilliant feeling. Before I knew it, it was all over and done with and I was standing outside the shop with my friends, all of us admiring each others Piercings.

The message I'm trying to put across is that if you want to get a piercing, don't hesitate, just do it. I have absolutely no regrets about my septum, and I love it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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