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Of steel and tears.

I have numerous piercings, and I have always adored them from the moment the needle entered my flesh. As I got older, I found a fascination with stretched, large piercings of all sorts . . . labrets, earlobes, nostrils, anything you could pierce! BME was my resource for pictures and experiences detailing the process.

It was one day about six months ago that I looked at every single large gauge septum in the galleries on BME and decided that I wanted one as well. I currently had no piercings that remained unstretched besides my septum. At the time I started my research, my ears were at a 4g, 8g, and 14g, my nostril was at a 16g, my labret was at a 12g, and my tongue was a 12g. I had almost every piercing of mine stretched, if even a really easy stretch from 18 to 16 gauge, and my septum was not about to be left unexpanded.

I went online and ordered a nice internally-threaded 12 gauge Anatometal circular barbell (I refuse to wear anything but Anatometal in a healing or freshly stretched piercing).

This time, I didn't make the stupid mistake that I made with my labret in splurging for "economy" steel jewelry. I ended up following a taper with an externally threaded labret stud that just would NOT go in under any circumstances. I then shredded the crap out of my newly stretched septum with some threading on the post, and it hurt like absolute hell as I pushed the 12 gauge labret post through my lip. I was highly disappointed, but ventured on with the stretch of my septum. After all, this time I was more prepared - fully armed with internally threaded jewelry.

I proceeded to take out my "lame" 14 gauge CBR, and the 12 gauge piece slid in just as well as the original ring. It felt like there was no change, except for minor watery eyes and a heavier feeling in my septum. I shook my head around a bit and could feel that the 12 gauge was more weighty than the last piece. Also, the larger diameter in a 12 gauge (I was wearing a 7/16" diameter circular barbell) still suited my nose. I remember having actual, serious nightmares about stretchings gone wrong, but I had nothing to fear because this part of the stretch was a piece of cake.

Fast forward to about two months later, and I just opened a package with a 10 gauge circular barbell and a 10 gauge CBR (because I like a wide selection of jewelry). I had debated so long about whether or not to go to a shop to get the stretch done professionally, and I decided that I would feel more comfortable partaking in this "ritual" of sorts in solitude.

I took out the 12 gauge piercing and braced myself, knowing that this one was not going to be so easy. Sure enough, it was not. I got my bottle of Satin soap and lubed the jewelry ever so lightly, and it went in with a tiny bit of effort on my part. This time, the piercing was sore and throbbing for about an hour or two after the stretch, and when I pushed even gently on my nose, it hurt. Upon screwing the ball back onto the circular barbell, I sneezed ten times, and each sneeze was more painful.

I am in the process of having a custom-made Anatometal circular barbell ordered for my stretch up to an 8 gauge. I'm definitely going to use a taper for this one, though. Even though my nose is very stretchy in that area, a septum piercing is not any different from any other piercing when it comes to stretching.

After the 10 gauge stretch, I noticed that my septum funk was getting horrible. A little Satin soap (my ultimate aftercare product) was all it took to keep my septum smelling clean all day. As I continue to stretch, I'm sure things are going to get harder and harder, especially once I get closer to the cartilage in my septum. However, once the septum stops letting me stretch it,

Basically, if you want to stretch your septum, DO IT. Don't fuss around with people putting their two cents in, don't worry about the stares you are going to get, and don't be one of those sad fourteen-year-old kids who had to "downgauge" (in their uneducated quasi-English) their ears because they thought going from 12g to 6g was so "badass." I love the look of larger gauge piercings on ALL body parts and on all types of people. Just make sure that you do everything the safest way possible, because I know that a happy piercing means a happy me.

Thank you BME, for being such a great resource!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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