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Nostril on Impulse

In February of this year, while sitting in the car with my mom in our mall parking lot, she randomly asked me if I wanted to get my nose pierced. Now, this was strange considering I'd never before mentioned anything about nostril piercings, not to say I wasn't interested. I said "sure", and we drove off to the closest piercing and tattoo studio: Hot Spot. I guess she didn't expect me to say yes, because when I did, she responded with a "really?" Before I got there though, I called them and asked how much it would cost and how old you have to be? They said that since I was under 18, my mom would have to come to fill out the consent forms and that it would cost me $35.

As we sat inside the place and my mom filled out the forms, I began to get a little nervous. This was my first professionally done piercing, all the others I've had (ear, hch) were done by me or a friend. Also, since I'm black...I have thicker nose cartilage. So I was wondering if my piercing would be more painful than others.

They guy who pierced me, never told me his name I don't think. He just showed me the chair that I'd sit on, and began to get the the supplies ready. My mom waited in the lobby, she's a bit squeamish and didn't know what to expect. However, a couple who were waiting to get tattooed, sat there and watched and joked around with me. Before my piercer began, lady smiled at me and told me "It'll just sting and then your eyes will water all up." I guess her saying that helped, because when it came time to "get down to business" I was more at ease.

So first, I think the guy rubbed my nose with an alcohol swab, then marked where he was going to pierced me, which was right next to the round ridge thingy on your nose. Then he showed it to me, and after I approved, he rubbed the spot with Iodine which tickled. Suddenly then, my mom pops in and asks to see the jewelry he's going to put in. He showed her that it had a tiny jewel on the end of it and then she okay-ed it and left again.

Then it was time for the piercing to actually begin. I didn't really look at the needle, or any of the the supplies/tools on his tray. I thought that if I didn't look I wouldn't get nervous.
He took the clamps, wrapped a rubberband around em, then put them on my nose and lifted the side of it, and stuffed in a little cork.

He told me to close my eyes, but right before that I saw the needle which looked like the longest one I'd ever seen. Then he gave me the whole "take a deep breath" line, and as I breathed out, the needle went in like butter.

It stung, indeed, and felt really cold. The most uncomfortable part was when he began pulling the needle and cork down, so that he could get the jewelry in (which was attached to the needle). But when that was done, and the jewelry was in place, it really didn't hurt. He rubbed it with some anaseptic or something and I was off to go. I bought some H2Ocean from the studio and the piercer told me to clean it at least twice a day with the H2Ocean and a q-tip. I paid the man, and then I left.

When I got home it really didn't hurt, and I didn't mess with it. I was totally in love though. I'd never really considered getting a nose piercing, but I thought it was awesome and suited me well.

After that, I had no problems with healing, it healed quickly and beautifully. However, the jewelry that he put in...sucked.

He pierced it originally with a nose screw. Nose screws are not the most popular kinds of nose jewelry for the fact that you have to awkwardly screw it into your nose and it can often be painful and hard to do. Also, there were a few instances when washing my or changing my clothes where the damn screw would come half-way out and it hurt a good deal, then I'd have to stick it back in.

I realized later on that this happened, because the original screw was bigger, to allow room and comfort for swelling after the initial piercing. So I decided after four months, and the piercing had healed nicely, I would replace my nose screw with another. So I dropped by HT and picked up a pack of them.

Now, allow me to tell you, getting it out was a breeze. However, when I tried to get it in...it was impossible. I'd read on the internet for months on how to get them in...and I had no luck. I tried adding lubrication. I tried different positions for screwing it in... and the tip would go in but that was it. After 20 minutes, my piercing was getting bloody and I had to stop. I tried the same thing again the next day and still had no luck, blamed it on my cartilage.
In reality, the jewelry is unpopular for the exact reasons I had problems with it. They're impossible to get in, and they're pretty impractical.

With no back ups after taking out my nose screw, I was forced to wear a diamond earring in my nose for a month! Finally, I purchased a pack of nosebones, which I recommend as they are really easy to just stick in, they don't come out easily, and they come in several different colors and jewel designs. They have a tiny ball attached at the end of them, so when you intially stick it in your nose, it stings a bit (the ball is bigger than the hole slightly), but because of that, bone doesn't fall out when sleeping or when blowing your nose or washing your face.

I love my nose piercing, I'd do it again any day, and I think that they're a very feminine and practical piercing for anyone gal interested...they're even cute on some guys. I'm even considering having a second one beside the first and wearing noserings in them!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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