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My rambling nose-piercing-co-worker-bonding experience!

Last Wednesday, I finally decided to re-do my left nostril piercing.  I had it pierced about three years ago but unfortunately I jumped the gun on changing my piercing and my nose would not tolerate having another nose screw put in.  It bled like crazy and then my screw fell down the drain, so I took it as fate telling me not to have a nose ring.  Well, three years later I have decided to re-do my little piece of "nasal rebellion" as some people see it.  A few months ago I had gotten a birth control implant put in my arm, and I reasoned that a nose piercing couldn't hurt as much has having a 1 1/2" plastic rod inserted under my skin.

I was talking with some of my co-workers about wanting to get my nose done, and two of them wanted to come and get pierced with me.  We work in a lab and the management is pretty accepting of whatever weird hair color or piercing we want to have.  Ashleigh decided to get her nose done and Jacqui ended up getting her belly button done on the spur of the moment.  Ashleigh had gotten her Monroe and several other piercings from Andy at the Ink Shop and highly recommended him, so we decided to go there.

Work was busy on the day we decided to go so I didn't have a chance to psych myself out for the piercing.  We got to the shop and the most nerve wracking part of the experience for me was trying to decide what color stud to get.  The turquoise-color stud really jumped out at me, but I was afraid I would get sick of it after an hour.  Several people were in line for piercings ahead of us, so we occupied ourselves looking at the assortment of belly button rings.  It amazes me how many different colors and styles of belly button rings you can get!

Finally it was our turn.  Andy cracked a couple jokes and helped us all feel relaxed and comfortable.  The piercing room was really clean and looked like it might have been a doctor's office at some point.  Jacqui volunteered to go first and chose a curved barbell with pink metal balls with rhinestones.  I wouldn't have minded going fist, but I was still trying to decide what color stud to get.  Ashleigh got a small iridescent stud next and took it like a champ.

I was starting to get a little nervous by the time my turn rolled around.  I had decided on a little iridescent stud that would reflect light and go with everything.  Andy checked out my nose and couldn't see any scar tissue and said it was ok to put my new piercing in the same spot as my old one.  I was relieved, because I wouldn't have wanted to have it on my right side.  I don't know why, but I just felt like it should be on my left side.  He made the little dot indicating where he would put the piercing and we all agreed it looked good.  He cleaned my nose out with some yellowish booger-looking stuff and then put the metal tube thing up my nose.  He told me to take a deep breath and then he put the needle and then the nose stud through my nose.  The experience wasn't really painful, just a little strange.  You can feel something going through your nose but its not painful, just awkward.

Apparently I bled a little bit and it took him a couple minutes to clean up.  While he was cleaning my nose, Jacqui started to feel light headed and had to sit down.  She was fine after a couple minutes and we went out to pay.  As soon as we got to the lobby, I started to feel light-headed too.  By this time, the shop had filled up with people wanting to get holes installed but luckily I found a seat.  Last time I got pierced I had the same weird feeling.  I felt like my body didn't like having something lodged in it and I had a very strong urge to get the nose ring out, but I definitely wasn't about to do that!  Ashleigh drove us to get some tacos and Jacqui and I both felt better after pigging out on meaty cheesy goodness.  After stuffing our faces Ashleigh and I went to a drug store and got some saline solution to clean our piercings with.  A guy in line behind us made a comment about my Kukui nut necklace (think big black nuts on a ribbon), saying he liked my beads.  I e

xplained to him that they weren't really beads, but just big nuts. He thought to himself for a second and said "I wish I had really big nuts." I tried not to laugh but I couldn't help cackling in his face.

 My nose is healing nicely, and Ashleigh and Jacqui seem happy with their piercings too!  I really love the little fleck of light on my nose and I'm glad its a lot smaller than my original piercing.  My mom said "at least it doesn't look like a steel wart like the last one."  Gee, thanks mom.  I'm trying to figure out what my next piercing will be.  Maybe a tragus?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Andy
Studio: The+Ink+Shop
Location: Fitchburg%2C+Ma

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