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Hiding my septum.... Unsuccessfully.

I wanted a piercing for a long time. But, as many of you, my parents were absolutely against any sort of hole anywhere on my body. I had discussed so many different piercing ideas that I wanted with them to no avail. And so.. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I settled on my septum, because I knew it would be really easy to hide.

I couldn't go to a studio or a professional, being underage and all, but I have a friend that has a ridiculous amount of piercing experience for a sixteen year old. He has done all of his own facial piercings, which include: double monroe, spiderbites, lobes, septum, and nostril.. not to mention that he has down nearly twenty other various piercings for friends. Needless to say, I had complete trust in him with something simple like my septum.

We hadn't planned a day to do my septum, but I was with my girlfriend at his house and it just seemed like a good time to do it. So we went and picked up the 14g hollow piercing needles from the mall and came back to his house. I was very, very, very nervous. As this was my first piercing. While the needle soaked in alcohol we looked through his jewelry collection and settled on a small 16g black curved barbell [horseshoe], because it would be very easy to flip up and hide from my parents.

After we let the piercing needle and jewelry soak in the alcohol for about five minutes I decided I was ready for it. Being a septum, it was unneccasary to mark it. But there was still the decision of whether to use a clip or not. At first he was going to do it without the clip, but at the last minute he decided to use the clip [which, to be honest, hurt more than the actual piercing.] So he placed the clip, lined up the needle and pushed through. I was suprised at how painless it was. He put the jewelry in, and I didn't even think it was in yet.

My septum bled, which was strange, but we think it was due to the large gauge, hollow needle used. The pain was alot less than I was expecting, and I had no problem flipping the cute black horseshoe up into my nose.

It was completely invisible when flipped up. I mean, you could look up into my nose, as I had my friends do, and you couldn't see ANYTHING at all. I was very happy, with not only the way my septum looked, but also its invisibility which I needed at home and work.

I had it for two weeks, and my parents didn't suspect a thing. But, due partially to my bad memory, and partially due to how much my septum had healed I came home and forgot to turn my ring up. I came in, said hi to my mom, and her response: "What is that in your nose?"


She actually wasn't upset, just a little disappointed that I did it behind her back, and now, two weeks later, she has grown to actually like it.

We decided that for a while we shouldn't tell my dad. Because he tends to get really upset over things, like a little kid. So we kept it from him for a week. But my guilty conscience finally pursuaded me to tell him about it. And now, a week after telling him. He still isn't talking to me. Oh, well.

Some advice: I was really skeptical about when it would be okay to take out my ring. Mainly, because everyone I asked that had their septum gave me a different answer. I hadn't taken it out for four weeks. I normally turn it up for things like sleeping where it could get knocked out, and also when i dry my face after showers. But recently I dried my face, forgetting to turn my septum up, and as I had anticipated it knocked my ring right out. I was really scared when it happened, because I wasn't sure if I would be able to get it back in or not. But I tried, and it slid in with ease. After I found this out, I went ahead and changed to a silver ring since I no longer needed to hide it. So, I would say after a few weeks or so, it should be safe to remove your septum ring for a short time to clean or change jewelry.

So. I'm going to have to be a bad influence, and encourage those of you that want a beautiful piercing, but your parents are against it... GET YOUR SEPTUM PIERCED. It was a great experience, and is a great looking, easy piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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