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Third Time Lucky....

I had already had my nostril pierced twice before. First time was with Carl at Dragons Den, Bangor. But a lump appeared underneath the jewelery so I took it out in a panic. The second time was done by my trusty new piercer, Diane. But, school decided to tell me to take it out, even thought it says in the rulebook, "Year 11 pupils can have at least on facial piercing" or something along those lines.

Exams came to a close, so I started thinking about going for another try at my nose again. I wasn't scared of the pain or anything, I was just a little worried about having to take it out yet again. "Sod it" I said to myself. You only live once after all! I would rather get it done there and then, rather than wait too long and end up regretting not doing it. I did that too much as it was! So I told my mum that I wanted it done again, and she agreed to take me.

My mother gave me a lift to the studio, and blurted "Guess what I'm here for!" Diane, the tall, slim, pierced woman told me to wait til she finished with someone, then I was next. No nerves at all. This time, I was getting it done for free as she had to mess around alot, and the retainer never came. So she said "Next time you want it done, I will do it for free as a treat". She kept her word too! I think last time she gave me a small discount too, which was nice for a first piercing off her.

I looked around at their incredibly modernly clean shop, admiring the piercings in the counter next to me. Mum needed me to explain what some of them were for (being the nipple ones, trust her!) My mum was chatting with Mwshi as well. His real name is Keith, but I never asked him about his nickname. It was pretty quiet for the time of day I was in there.

She called me in. Still no nerves. I perched myself on the lovely, just-cleaned leather bed/seat as she prepped up. She showed me the needles still in their wrapping, explaining their Best Before date was about 3-4 years away. She asked me if I was ok with her using them, which I obviously replied yes to. She took the purple pen out to dot my nose. I swear, that is the second to worst part, its a really sharp pen! We sorted the placement out. And the nerves came swooshing in.

I lay on my back, just chatting to her to keep my nerves at bay. And, hey presto! It was through! I felt a tear run down my cheek, but no big pain. She put the silver stud with a blue stone in. I am a big fan of blue, by the way. I looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow, this one looks way better than the other two did!" So I sprung out of the shop whilst waving goodbye to Mwshi, the tattooist, and their apprentice.

It has been about 2 weeks since I had it pierced. No problems. I've used the LITHA method [Leave it the hell alone], and it has actually worked very well. No swelling happened, just a small pain if I had a huge knock. But it has gone so well, I think this one will last.

So, a huge thank you to Diane, for being such a generous and gentle piercer. She made me feel at ease and relaxed, but also had a laugh at the same time. And Mwshi for doing amazing jobs on my fiances tattoos (I will get him to post his stories on BME). He absolutely adores them, and you may need to do a huge piece next! They both have an amazing business together, I dont know where I would be getting mods done without them. Last and not least, my mum for taking me there and being so laid back and giving me permission.

I recommend people who want it done to go as soon as the thought hits them. No regrets. Ever. Small, simple, easy to hide and close to painless. Just please, leave it be, or use some treatment solutions. But on the day, or any other time, do NOT touch it without washing your hands. And for the love of God, follow the aftercare instructions carefully!

I am hoping to get a monroe piercing next, or maybe more lobe piercings. I don't intend getting my tongue redone though. But the thought of having another nostril piercing on the other nostril is floating around in my head. And if I pluck up the courage, a Septum piercing will come along.

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Diane+Marsh
Studio: Ink+%26+Gems
Location: Bangor%2C+Wales%2C+UK

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