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The story of my septum

I never actually thought of getting my septum pierced. About 3 or 4 months ago I didn't even like how it looked but I started looking at pictures of it on BME and I realized it can look nice but only a circular barbell. I went skating and I saw some people who were hiding their septum piercing and they told me they have been hiding it from their parents for a long time and they don't even notice it. That's when I got the idea to get my septum pierced because I could hide it from my parents. Well that was about 2 months ago and it took me 2 months to get the guts and the money for the piercing.

A week ago I talked to my friends so they would come with me to get my septum pierced and that's when I knew that I'm getting the piercing and I stopped thinking about if I should get it or not. It was 4 days ago I think when I went to get it.

I took a bus to Tel-Aviv with my friends and I was a bit nervous but not that much because I have already been through pretty painful things when I stretched my ear to 10 millimeters from nothing in a month and when I got my nostril pierced and it rejected right away. I went to Tribal Tattoo where I got my eyebrow and lip pierced with my parents permission over there and showed them my ID but they didn't want to pierce me because I am 15 and 10 months and not 16 yet so they told me to come when I was 16. I walked out of there and I told my friends im not going back home until I get my septum pierced. That's when I remembered Planet Tattoo. My sister got her navel pierced over there and she told me it was a really good place.

I walked into Planet Tattoo and told them I wanted to get my septum pierced hoping that they would pierce me. They asked me if I had ID and I didn't even need to take it out I just said that I had. I talked to the piercer about hiding it and asked a lot of questions and then I chose the jewelery which was a small 16g circular barbell.

He checked for the "sweet spot" and he told me if I hide the piercing it might be visible because of the shape of my nose but I took that risk and I said it was ok.

Well I sat down and now I knew there was no way back. I was starting to get nervous when he took out the clamps and the needle and all the tools. Like I did with my other piercings I didn't look at the needle and it always helped me. I'm not scared of needles at all but looking at it and thinking of it going through my septum wasn't a really good thought and it made me more nervous so I looked away.

He got ready to pierce me and I just sat there quietly and I didn't move. I shut my eyes so the tears from the piercing(yes everyone tears when they get this piercing)wont drip too much. He pushed the needle in a bit and I felt a sharp pain going through my nose but I sat there and didn't move or say a word. I felt the needle going slowly through my septum so it would come out straight. I was waiting for it to get out the other side and after about 10 seconds of pushing the needle through my nose it was finally out the other side and I heard that popping noise. He cut the needle and I looked at myself in the mirror and started laughing. I had a needle stuck there. He put in the jewelery which didn't hurt at all and then it took him a couple of tries to screw in the ball on the barbell and when he got it I looked in the mirror to see it and it looked so good and then I asked him to flip it and my septum piercing was completely invisible.

I felt so relieved I finally did it. It was a pretty painful experience but I have pain tolerance so I can just sit there and be in a lot of pain but I don't move and I don't say a word. I have had it for 4 days and so far its doing well. I sometimes flip it down to show it to my friends and then I flip it back up but it hurts a bit to do that because its a new piercing. When it will heal I can flip it up and down as much as I want.

Of course I could never forget aftercare. I do 3 sea salt soaks a day and put disinfecting cream twice a day. In about a month I hope it will heal. I know it might scare anyone who is reading this but there is nothing to be scared of just get it pierced professionally like I did and hiding from parents is no problem. Ask the piercer to flip it up right after the piercing and flip it down when it hurts less. Try not to flip it up and down too much in healing time. If you have questions you can contact me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Forgot+to+ask+the+name
Studio: Planet+Tattoo
Location: Tel-Aviv

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