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The greatest anticipation and estatic release

I've had my septum pierced twice now. The first time was self done at 16 and wasn't a good idea because I wasn't at all knowledgeable about what I was doing. It was very crooked which made it painful to wear jewelry in. I retired it after about two years, with the sad assumption that I would never be able to get it redone because there was too much scar tissue. It was during a q & a with Scott, the owner of Sub Q, that the possibility of having my septum pierced again became a possibility. After having him examine my nose I was happy with the possibility of finally having this reconciliation of my body, identity and spirituality. To explain this I need to backtrack a bit.

My nose has received a large portion of my attention starting from when I was 16 and until almost 18. It was during these years of my life that I became consumed with the drug cocaine, as well as meth. I look back on those times and really feel that I was soulless, cocaine being all I was about. Prior to starting college I finally got clean and reached the one year coke free landmark in March. This self-liberation has really strengthened me as a person. It's so gratifying being able to love those around me and also love myself, instead of being overtly critical and self-annihilating. Having my septum pierced is a physical representation of the greater respect I have for my existence. 

So back to piercing experience itself: It took me awhile to get finally go through with it. One setback was I couldn't find anyone I was comfortable with in Sacramento to let them push a needle through my skin. The other issue was funding (poor college student stereotype). It was by impulse that it finally happened, one Friday afternoon in June: I was thinking of getting my conch done, but the local studio, Sidewayz didn't have any good, experienced piercers (I strongly recommend NOT going to them). Disheartened, I remembered Lisa, from Ink Addiction. Though I'd never been pierced by her, she was always very friendly and knowledgeable about any questions I brought to her. The placement of her piercings was also good. I called the studio and she said that there was one 14g circular barbell left. Awesome! I ran to the ATM and then hopped on the bus downtown. I arrived there in about 30 minutes, super impatient having taken the whacked out downtown bus route (as opposed to the

straight shot one). Eric my tattoo artist was there too and we chatted it up a bit, Lisa, Eric and me. Then we went upstairs to the shop.

I was sitting the on the bench as Lisa was examining my septum when a wave of apprehension hit: I was scared to get my septum pierced! This sudden anxiety was highly unusual. I've had my conch and nipples pierced before and in both of these sessions I was excited and eager, not desperate to run away. After Lisa had me sign the release form I sat down on and she prepared the equipment, sterilizing everything and wearing gloves the entire time. Also, as she lined up the dots on my septum she wore gloves. I remember one moment where I seriously considered saying 'stop' and calling off the procedure, but I knew if I did that it would be that much harder to go through with it later. And I REALLY wanted my septum pierced again. Lisa suggested I lay down instead of sitting up facing her and I agreed it would be a lot easier.  

I laid down on the bench and Lisa came behind me to make sure she could follow the dots. She told me to take a deep inhale and then on the exhale she would push the needle through. I took a deep breath and then exhale, but she said she didn't see it!! Oh the suspense was ridiculous. So I inhaled once more and on the exhale I felt a pressure as the needle was forced through my skin and the most amazing sense of euphoria swept through my body. Starting from my head (maybe my septum?) and traveling all over, there was this beautiful peace inside me. Laying there with this needle through my nose was surreal and I was so ecstatic that I'd finally gotten my septum redone. The only pain I felt throughout the entire procedure was when she was putting the barbell through one of the threads (it was externally threaded) nicked me. After she put the jewelry on I finally got to see what it looked like and no complaints here, the placement was (and still is) perfect.  

For the aftercare I was prescribed to use ¼ tablespoon sea salt in 8 ounces of warm water and soak my piercing with cotton swabs. Also, Castile peppermint soap, twice a day maximum. I've stuck with the sea salt soaks, which you can do more than twice a day. These make the tissue feel good and heal really well. I had a little bit of trouble with my skin feeling dry so I cut back on the amount of salt in the water and that helped. The healing process has been fantastic, and my recommendation to anyone with a fresh piercing is to sea salt soak it frequently. It really makes a difference.  

My septum is doing really well and when I need to flip it up there is no trouble, it fits right in. It's amazing how natural it feels now that I have it; it's like it's always been here. I love the symbolic completion that it gives me and the aesthetic appeal too!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Lisa
Studio: Ink+Addiction
Location: Sacramento%2C+CA

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