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Not the most comfortable moment of my life

Just when my mother was starting to get comfortable, I told her of my intentions to go through with a six-year-old desire: to have my nose pierced. As I had anticipated, she wasn't staunchly opposed. In fact, she confessed that she had been considering a nose piercing as my graduation present but held off on the idea because she wasn't sure if I was still interested. My mother embraced my decision only suggesting I wait until after my cousin's wedding.

She asked a friend from work to tell her if there was a reputable location where I could have the procedure performed. Her friend recommended Skin Illustrations because the location is very near where we live as well as for their dedication to cleanliness.  After researching Skin Illustrations and reading very few negative reviews, I knew that this would be the place.

On July 1, mom and I went to the shop. I was a nervous wreck and insisted she come along to support me. The last time I'd had anything pierced was when I was twelve and had the cartilage on my left ear pierced at Claire's. Remembering the painful year long healing process my cartilage had taken, I was only more anxious to have the initial piercing over with so I could focus on healing my nose.

As we walked into the shop, I looked around and was unable to detect any dirt. We were greeted by a slightly intimidating, yet very friendly man. He laughed good-naturedly as I informed him that I "absolutely needed to have my nose pierced." I filled out the paper work and surrendered my ID as well as the money and sat back down on one of the sofas to wait. After about three minutes, a young woman with a very friendly smile came out of a room and called me back. Mom and I followed the woman to the room where I was instructed to have a seat. The room was pleasant, with different quotes and pictures on the walls. There were posters detailing different piercings as well as a memorable picture of a baby with multiple pieces of metal in his face. The woman began by explaining the aftercare procedure I should use and explaining the healing process. She advised me to use an antibacterial soap twice a day for four weeks. In addition, she mentioned that it's best to clean your nose w

hile you're in the shower. She explained that when you're in the shower your hair and body has been cleaned, creating a cleaner environment to put your finger up your nose and clean around the wound. After cleaning the piercing, I was advised to spray witch hazel on it to promote healing. She continued to talk with us as she prepped my nose and her supplies, making the atmosphere in the room less tense. Finally, she advised me to lie on my back and turn my head so that my right nostril was in position. She clamped my nose, and told me to take a deep breath through my mouth. She explained I that I would feel "nasally violated" as she put her finger in my nose. She counted and three and put the needle through my nose. My breathing immediately sped up as I gasped in pain. I had been under the impression that a nostril piercing is relatively pain-free. Unfortunately, such was not the case with me. However, her voice was very soothing, telling me to breathe slowly and focus only on that. Within about thirty seconds, she was done. I sat up slowly and she handed me a mirror. I loved what I saw and happily left the shop with my mother, smiling as the man at the front counter told me how good it looked.

My nose stung for the first night, finally stopping around when I went to bed. I anticipated severe swelling the next day because my nose is relatively small, but was pleasantly surprised when there was little pain and absolutely no swelling to speak of. It's been four days and I still have not had any swelling nor crusting. The only soreness I have is when I clean it and move the stud.

The piercing may have been pricier than I foresaw, I fervently believe it was worth the price. I am confidant that as long as I follow the cleaning instructions, I'll be able to maintain a beautiful, healthy piercing because I paid more to have it done the correct way.

My decision to have my nose pierced was no a hasty one. It took me six years to finally tell my mother that I intended to have it done rather than just consider having it done. I am pleased with my new nose stud. It makes me more confidant because I now look in the mirror and see someone beautiful. I've always loved my small nose and I believe the nose stud enhances it. In addition, now that I'm expected to get a job, having my nose pierced is going to making being hired more difficult, hopefully leaving me free from work this summer!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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