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Nose Piercing Experience!

One day I went down to visit my Dad, who lives in the big and bustling city of Prince George for spring break. Around the same time last year I had gotten my ears pierce for the first time, I was 14. So Maybe I caught some sorta of piercing bug I've heard so much about. I didn't know what I wanted, I was only 15 at the time and most piercings were a major no-no by my mother. My Dad on the other hand, can't really say anything, he has both nipples pierced. So I decided that since I don't wear earings very much that a second lobe peircing was useless. Instead I decided on a nose piercing.

Of course I had to make sure it was cool with my mom, it's one of the few peircings she acutally likes. She thinks it looks cute and dainty, prefect for a young women. Well that settled it, I hung up on my mom, and called the peircing place that my dad went to. I made my appointment for tomarrow just before they closed since they were so booked. I told my Dad when my appoinment was and he agreed to paying for it, bonus.

So the next day all I could think about was my peircing that I was only hours away from getting, oh the excitment! So finally the time had come to leave to get my piercing, I was so excited yet really nervous. Butterflies and all. Finally we get there, now theres no butterflies in my stomach but a heavy pit in my stomach. That wasn't going to stop me though, I was determined to get my nose. So, I signed a few papers did a test to make sure I knew how to take care of my new nose. When that was all said and done the peircer came out and meet me.

Now even though the receptionist had no peircings what so over, and the lounge room was so relaxing and clean. I expected to meet a man covered in peircings and tattoos and, well, someone scarey. Instead it was a women with a few tasteful ear peircings and a nose. Anyother peircings were hidden. She was quite nice, and she helped me pick out a turquoise coloured nose stud. She grabbed a freash nose stud from a drawer underneath the displays and she lead me to the piercing room. Although my Dad was worried about which said my nose to be pierced. On the left side of my nose I have a little scar that goes white when I smile. It's barely noticable, and my dad was worried about piercing through the scar tissue. Well that was a problem since I was getting my nose pierced on the right side, because I happen to like that little scar. It's a part of who I am, and I think it looks cute.

It was super clean, and organized. With a huge painting of Mona Lisa on the wall with piercings, and although it was as clean as a doctors office, it didn't have the scarey vibe of one. It was relaxed and very calming, great for someone stressed out. As we chatted a bit she pulled out three ice packs, she placed one under my knees. Another behind my back, and she had me held one. Although I thought it was a rather nutty thing to do, I didn't ask about it. Maybe she saw how over heated I was, from being nervous and wanted to cool me down. So she put on gloves and prepped for my piercing.

Once she was ready she told me to take some deep breathes and to count to three, so that I know when she's going to poke me. I did as I was told and on three she put it in, it was a quick sharp pain. Followed by a dull longer one. She then told me that the worst was over and that now she just has to screw it in, that wasn't so bad. It was just uncomfertable but it made my eyes scrunch close and water a bit. Since my nose is so sensitive.

She then told me how to take care of it, while my dad paid for it. It came to $80 in total. Which is pretty pricey, but thats just fine, because she's had years in experiance and has gone to schools for it. I love my little gem in my nose, still to this day, except I lost my orginal stud. So instead I have a little purple one in right now, and a blue flower just in case.

Anyone whos thinking about it, should do it! I don't have a low pain tolerance, but I certainly don't have a high one. It's quick and it's a very easy piercing to get use to and take care of. Low maintance.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Erin
Studio: Hart+Peircing+Studio
Location: Prince+George%2C+Britsh+Columbia%2C+Canada

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