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My Septum. A Bloody Love Story

Where do I start with my love relationship with septum piercings?! They're amazingly beautiful don't you think?! Well I do.

I had wanted my septum done a few years back when I was at university, but shunned all thoughts of having it done due to me being a complete wimp back then. Now, 4 piercings (some stretched) and 6 tattoos later I finally decided to go for it. What's the worse that could happen?! If I decided I didn't like it after all I could just take it out.

I decided to look into the septum piercing as much as I could. After much research, which included talking to people, looking at pictures and reading other peoples stories on bmezine and then watching videos of people having it done I was convinced I was going to have it done. No doubts or questions about it. The septum piercing was definitely one for me. As I had been thinking and talking it over with my best friend Sam I decided she was going to have come with me. I phoned her up as I knew she would also like to be part of the experience. We arranged for the day after we spoke which was Monday the 30th of June.

The day of the piercing arrived I 'manned up and went for it. We both got the bus to the piercer had some lunch first and did some shopping blah blah... Finally I got round to going to get it done. Tattoo Crazy in Cambridge, England. We went in; I signed all the relevant paper work and handed over the money. All £25 worth. £25, I was pleasantly surprised at the price, I thought it'd be more expensive than that. :) So that was a bonus. We waited for her to set up etc and I waited to be called up. Now, I haven't been nervous with any of my tattoos or piercings at all, but waiting for her to set up for my septum piercing really did make a few butterflies occur in my stomach. I didn't have to wait long till she called me through. The butterflies had disappeared and now I was rather excited. :D I stood up and walked to the piercing room I had been to before. Sam came with me but the room was too small for all three of us to be in so she waited outside and watched through the open

The lady had me lay down on the couch thing. She cleaned my nose. That stuff stank, yuck. She explained about the clamp and the whole process. I was to tell her when we found the spot that hurts the least with the clamp... Ok, I thought to myself. I'd heard and read that this was going to be the most painful part. So I braced myself. On went the clamp. BLIMEY! MY eyes watered. That hurt, I won't lie, it was rather uncomfortable. I said to her that it was painful and so she moved it. That was better, that spot didn't hurt at all. Phew! She got the needle. She then told me to breathe in. I breathed in. She pressed the needle to my skin. But the needle wasn't going all the way through. She took the needle away. There was some blood as a result. So she cleaned me up again and we waited for the blood to subside a bit. Ok, second attempt. We went through the clamp business again. Again, that was another painful spot. We found the comfortable spot again. That was much better. It was in the same place though. 'Ok breathe in for me' I breathed in. Finally the needle went through. Next went through the jewellery. Bit more cleaning up then I was then good to go. She asked how I felt and if I needed to have a sit down before I left the studio. I declined and said I was ok. She explained to me how to care for it and all the other usual stuff. I said thank you and left.

The lady who pierced me was lovely. She said doing septum piercings are her favourite piercing to do. But, perhaps she says that to every customer to make them feel at ease? I do regret not asking her name. I'm sure I'll see her again though. So, all in all... one fantastic even if a little bloody septum experience. :) I love my septum piercing and regret not having it done sooner. I can't wait for it to heal so I can change the jewellery.

I advice any one that is thinking of having it done and who is researching it by reading these stories to go for it. It is a beautiful piercing. I'm in love with it. If you do decide to go for it... Good luck and I hope your experience is as good if not better than mine.

Holly x


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Tattoo+Crazy
Location: Cambridge

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