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loving my new nose RING.

Well, getting my nose pierced seemed like a very appropriate move for my 18th birthday, and so it was. After a lot of careful thought and consideration, I knew it would be a piercing I could really appreciate as an addition to my face. Originally, I'd always thought of adorning the left nostril, but in the end I chose the left – it just seemed right.

There aren't any piercing shops in the town I live in, so traveling about an hour is a must for any type of modification work. The place I chose was familiar; I'd been there a few times to see some of my friends get pierced, so I knew it was a safe, sanitary building with adequately skilled staff.

Upon arrival, I filled out the necessary paperwork and waited around a few minutes for the piercer to finish up with my friend's eyebrow. I took a seat, and watched the guy get all his equipment ready – unwrapping the needle and tools in a sanitary manner – all very important. I saw that he had a stud ready for the piercing, but as I'm not the biggest fan of little nose jewels, I requested that I get my nose pierced with a ring instead, which was no problem at all, much to my relief. He marked the spot with a dot, and made sure I was okay with the placement. It looked fine. He asked me to close my eyes and turn my head upward, and then he made a few slight adjustments to make sure my face was in exactly the right place. I assume this was due to getting the correct angles and lighting for the piercing, which I of course appreciate. He was very professional and precise about the whole thing, which surely made me feel loads better about the approaching needle headed for m y nostril. He asked if I was ready, without really waiting for an answer, and then it was all done.

The only other needlework I've had done has been a few sets of ear piercings. My first, when I was 6 weeks old, (which I've now stretched out to 9/16") and a few other lobe piercings that were badly done with piercing guns while I was in middle school. I didn't keep those last ones around for too long – as they turned out to be much more trouble than they were worth. Keeping that in mind, I'd definitely say that the pain from nose piercing was not even comparable. It was virtually painless, just a small pinch. My left eye watered and teared up as the needle went though and while he was adjusting the jewelry, but I think that can be attributed to my body more than my mind. I took a few ibuprofen to be sure and help out with any swelling, and they either worked very effectively, or weren't necessary at all. Either way, I'm experiencing no pain, or even any uncomfortable ness, a mere 9 hours after.

I'm quite in love with my little addition; I think it fits me very well. Sometimes the scariest part about getting a facial piercing that you've wanted for a really long time is not any pain it takes to get though it, but the concern over whether it will turn out to be what you've been hoping for. And for me, I think it was exactly that.

But back to the finishing up of the procedure – the piercer did a very nice job with cleaning up what little blood there was, and positioning the jewelry exactly how I wanted it so that I wouldn't have to excessively mess with it after, (he made sure whether I wanted the bead of the captive ring kept on the inside or on the outside of my nose).

He explained after care to me – about 6 weeks before I can take out the ring and change my jewelry. He suggested maybe using a smaller ring once it heals because he chose to use one with a larger diameter to leave plenty of room for any potential swelling in my nose after the procedure. I was told to wash the piercing with warm, soapy water two times a day, and he gave me a card with his number incase I had any questions or complications I needed to contact him with. I paid him my 50 bucks, and he assured me that if I ever wanted any more work done, he'd be glad to oblige. I undoubtedly will have more piercings in the future, and if it wasn't for the fact that I'll be moving to another town, I'd definitely plan a return visit to the shop.

Overall, it was a great first experience. I'm very happy with what I got, and even happier that it was a painless, even pleasant, experience. I encourage anyone who truly feels that a piercing would be a beneficial addition to them to go for it, of course taking into account the necessary precautionary steps. Choose a safe place, an experienced piercer, and take care of your face.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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