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Close your eyes and it's done

Despite the fact my dad is covered in tattoos and has a great job my parents really don't want me getting piercings or tattoos as I will probably end up ''poor and alone'',taste the hypocrisy.

Well I'm a persistent person,and its paid of because so far I have 8 lobe piercings and 3 cartilage in each ear, I have an 8mm stretch, and I also have both my tragus' done. I really wanted my tongue or lip pierced next, however, for some reason my dad was completely against it, however when we went on holiday to scotland I met my idol Elaine,the women with the most piercings in the world and I think my dad noticed how beautiful I found her. My dad was still firmly against mouth piercings but said an eyebrow or nose piercing would be okay, I thought about it and decided to get my nose pierced even though my dad was 100% sure I would forget about it and not get it.

The next day my friend came over and I decided to try a local piercing parlor, I was buzzed in by the owner into this amazingly well presented parlor and obviously with good security, I walked towards to counter and asked how much nose piercings were, the women showed me there were £15 piercings, £21 piercings and £28 piercings, I only brought £15 so i asked for that piercing however they had no more left! I was gutted and said I'd wait till next week when they would get more in.

The next morning I found a £10 in my room so I went back down to the parlour with another friend, I was given a form to fill in and I handed them my passport, Mr Barnard came out from the back and gave me his opinion on which stud he liked, he chose the small pink one and I agreed with him, my friend stayed out front and he took me to a room in the back. The room was incredibly clean and tidy, it was very much like a doctors room however this made me completely at ease,it reassured me this was all sterile, Mr Barnard changed the paper on the bed and asked me to lay down and get comfortable,he then told me he was changing his gloves and getting out the equipment, he laid all the packaged equipment on the table next to me so I could see it.

I asked his opinion on which side the get the piercing and he suggested the left as it went with my fringe,he handed me the mirror to look at as he put the marker on my nose,I thought it was very far back and going more towards the left,he explained that he wanted to pierce it on the section with the thinner skin therefore it wont bleed as much and the piercing will heal quicker so I gladly said okay,I shut my eyes and he placed the clamp on my nose which didn't hurt at all, I usually go totally blank when I'm getting pierced so I didn't know when the needle was going to go in.

He told me there would be some involuntary eye watering then he quickly put the needle in, it wasn't painless however I didn't need to scream or even say ouch, I simply screwed my eyes up. He told me the worst bit was over and the little tube was in, he clipped both sides then said he had to put the jewellery in now, I never even felt the jewellery go in, he then explained he was pulling the tube out, and that was that!, I asked if it was over, thinking it was only beginning, but it was really done!

He then proceeded to tell me about after care and how I shouldn't touch or clean it for a day but start tomorrow, he also explained the jewellery can come out in the first couple of days as the hole needs to build up another layer of skin around the piercing which then holds it in place, I was very impressed with everything he was telling me. He explained I can blow my nose normally but just be careful,he also said if it does come out , I have 24 hours to get back to the parlor so he can put it back in, he also said if it ever needs repiercing it will cost £5 which i thought was really good.

Overall I was extremely impressed with the service , its been a couple of hours since I had it done, it hurt for 20 mins then it was fine, I went out shopping and experienced my first sneeze with a piercing ha ha, which left me and my friend is giggles for ages as I tried to sneeze out of my mouth. I'm not sure wether the jewellery is resting on my upper septum bone as it is slightly uncomfortable when i flare my nostrils, which unfortunately I have a kind of OCD for doing.

However I highly recommend getting it done,it looks great and just because a lot of people have it done doesn't make it any less special or make you less brave, its still an achievement.

Happy piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Mr+Bernard
Studio: Body+Jewellery+Shop
Location: Enfield

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