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Septum piercings are the best way to go!

 So I've wanted my septum pierced for quite some time now. I feel like it's one of the best piercing out there because I want to get into a political career and other facial piercing just aren't that easy to hide. The septum is one of those piercings that allows the wearer to flip it right up and not let anyone find out.

I'm not going to lie I was scared out of my mind. I was shaking really badly before I could get in there because the only other thing I've had pierced were my doubled ears. I had done my research and I heard that some people have terrible experiences and that it can hurt them really badly. I even saw a video where a girl started crying. This kind of stuff did nothing to calm me. Conversely, I also heard people say that it was nothing and they felt no pain. I just hoped that I was one of the people who didn't feel pain. But all that didn't matter. I was getting it pierced anyway.

Okay, so I got in there and I paid first. I waited for my friend Melissa to get back from God knows where because I didn't want to get it done without my friends there. So I sat down and I watched as the piercer assembled all his instruments. My friend Kate was holding my hand and was telling me that I was going to be okay. Still, I was nervous. I asked my piercer if septums hurt because I felt like he would know. He said that his didn't hurt at all and that I shouldn't be worried because I looked like a tough girl.

So then he cleaned out my nose with an alcohol dampened wipe and I though, "Wow, this is really going to happen." Then he brought out the clamps and positioned them on my nose. Let me tell you, the clamps did not feel so wonderful. They put the clamps on to guide the needle in so that the piercing is straight and thank God I got a straight piercing because I've heard horror stories of the needle coming out through the skin at the bottom of the septum. Anyway, the clamps made me make a face and my piercer said, "Yeah, everyone says the clamps are the worst. They say it hurts the most. So just think about how you got through that and you won't feel THIS." And then he shoved the needle right on through.

At first I couldn't believe it happened. I barely felt any pain and I thought surely the piercing wasn't done. My eyes watered up but that was really it. My piercer than put a small 14 gauge circular barbell in without any balls on the end because he knew I wanted to flip it up so that it could heal since my school wouldn't allow facial piercings. He then led me over to the mirror and asked me what I thought. He showed me how to insert the ring and how to properly flip it up my nose. He also said that I should LET IT HEAL.

Afterwards I felt some irritation like any wound will give. It didn't hurt, but I had an urge to just rub it, something that you should definitely try to abstain from. I cleaned it with q-tips and warm water and it was fine. My septum piercing is still healing even a month and a half after I got it. It still gets sore and I still have to be careful when inserting my regular rings rather than the one my piercer gave me. A few weeks after the piercing I'm pretty sure it got infected because I had a small knob of flesh above the piercing. I just paid special attention to that area when cleaning and LEFT IT THE HELL ALONE. I was really afraid that I would have to take it out and then let the hole close up. Luckily, the infection healed because of the cleanings and how I left it well alone.

The pros of this piercing are numerous. It's an unusual piercing that can be hidden easily so that you can comply with dress codes or be acknowledged in a setting which is not very accepting of such unusual body modifications. I recommend it to anyone who wants a piercing, but it unwilling to compromise their future. Also, this piercing just looks freaking awesome.

I personally opt for a silver 14 gauge circular barbell and sometimes a silver staple. I don't plan to gauge up the piercing because I'm quite happy with it at 14. From my experience it is imperative to get a knowledgeable piercer and educate yourself on the piercing before getting it done. You'll be extremely happy if it's done right and best of luck to anyone who is willing to get it pierced!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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