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My septum experience

Ok, SO!

For the past few years I have been listening to a band called Avenged Sevenfold. And for the past year I have been interested in the band's guitarist Zacky V. He has gauged ears, Snakebites and septum.

I have gauged ears 16mm (5/8")

Got my side lip done last summer,

and my completed snakebites a few months back.

I had them all except, Yes. the septum.

The feeling was quite odd, And I was scared to get it. Until 6 months ago I thought the piercing went through the actual cartilage (This goes to show, DO YOUR RESEARCH!) When I realized it went through the sweet Spot (squidgy bit under cartilage) things started to get better and I felt more confident. I attempted to get it done in my local city, Manchester. But everywhere needed parental consent and my parents would not treck into Manchester to watch me get a piercing they didn't like. Phone consent is considered "Invalid".

So yea, I planned a trip to london to see a friend from the 29th of May until the 1st of June. And the plan was i'd get my septum pierced without my mum and dad knowing ;D. Eventually it was the 1st of June (A saturday) and we went into Camden to get my septum pierced!

My friend told me it would be easy to get it done as I already had 5/8" ears and snakebites. PLUS they're very slack on the rules.

He then decided he was going to get his monroe pierced (This was his final piercing after getting snakebites and a madonna prior). I insisted he went first.

So, We walked into the shop and their were 3 people (workers) and bar them the shop was empty. The permissions slips were handed out and I filled mine in. I was excited by the fact this was the first permission slip I'd signed on my own, Felt very adult.

After my friends monroe piercing the french piercer sprayed the bed and utilities table and disposed of my friends needle.

As she went over aftercare with him, I was instructed by the shop owner to lie down on the bed and keep breathing. This is when I started to get a bit nervous and I sat up, walked outside and had a cigarette (NOTE: I DO NOT SMOKE, BUT MY FRIEND TOLD ME IT WOULD HELP AND I HAVNT SMOKED SINCE)

When I walked back inside the shop the tattoo artist was tattooing some woman and he calmly said, "Don't worry man, It'll hurt for a second then all the pressure will be relieved!" I had also heard that the clamps hurt quite a lot due to the fact they had to hold them really tight in order to get a straight piercing.

So I came back inside and she felt out my sweet spot, dabbed a Q-tip in some smelly brown liquid, cleaned the area and marked the piercing, As requested she pierced it further forward so it could be flipped up (A neccesary so my school wouldn't know)and I lay down, She propped up the head of the bed. She put the clamps on and squeezed. "Nothing more than that!" she said. I held my friends hand as she lined up the needle. I felt a sharp pain and it was weird, I felt the needle break through the flesh. I then started choking and spluttering, I was hyperventilating. That's all I remember, apparently I just lay there. They brought me round with sniffing salts. Everyone was quite worried and the owner had cleared the shop. She brought me a hand mirror but I didn't bother to look yet. I asked if it was flipped up and she said not yet, Just lie there for a few minutes. After 5-6 minutes she sat me up and flipped up the ring. I gave her a hug, Payed then left with my new septum :D

My friend made me drink lots of Red bull because my blood sugar would have been low.

A month on, Only my friends, Parents and the people I hang about with know. And some of the teachers that don't care :p

I plan to leave this jewellry in for 3-4 months to ensure proper healing, Clean 3 times a day. PROTIP: It will get caught on beer can rings, So flip it up! Apart from that I love it, nobody else I know has it and I feel really individual. I love telling people the story and people that are interested in it. If you are unsure whether to get it or not, please. Do it, You won't regret it.

My next piercing is going to be my industrial, then I'm heading for angel bites! Will tell you about those some other time, but I think that's enough for now!

Thanks alot for reading,



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Unknown
Studio: Velvet+Piercing
Location: Camden

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