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My beautiful, completely common, boring nose piercing.

Before I tell this story, I feel like I need to tell a another one. About a week before this piercing took place, I had my appointment to get my first gardisil shot. So when the nurse comes in with the shot and instantly I feel sick to my stomach. Then she takes the cap off and I flip out. I'm bawling my eyes out, holding my arms, completely and totally flipping out. So they're scared I'm going to hurt myself and they put the needle out of my sight and try to calm me down but i'm inconsolable. So they have four nurses come in and sit on top of me so that I can get this shot, because my mother says that it's an expensive vaccination and that I'm embarrassing. This is not the first time I've flipped out in that office, either. During previous visits I've ran to the bathroom and refused to come out until all needles were put away, and even tried to pull the needle out of my arm. Needless to say, I'm not their favorite patient.

Now my mother started bugging me about not being ready to get my nose pierced. But I had wanted this done since the third grade, and I was going to do it. So she takes me the day after my eighth grade graduation. We had been in to check out of the studio and meet the piercers a month before, but their opening times had changed since and so we ended up with three hours to kill. We waked around- the studio is on the neatest little street. I got a smoothie, and worried. Shopped, and worried. Bought about ten CDs, and worried. By the time the studio opened I had almost talked myself out of it.

A different piercer was in that day than the one who I had met previously. But he seemed very nice, he even had his new baby boy in a stroller sitting in the room where they display jewelry and sign papers- his wife also worked there with him. His wife- I didn't catch her name- took my mother's ID and had both me and my mother sign a few papers. [ Contrary to what I've heard people say, they never asked her to prove that she was my mother ] Then I got in line behind two other girls. The first got her rook done, and she cried like a baby. This didn't scare me, because from what I had heard they hurt a zillion times more than nose piercings. But the next girl was getting her bellybutton done. Now when I had been in a month before I saw two girls get their bellybuttons done, and neither of them reacted with any sign of pain at all- they giggled, got up, thanked the guy and left smiling. This time, though, the girl pretty much passed out. So by the time they tell me it's my turn, I am freaked out beyond.

So I lie down, shaking, and start trying to concentrate on what the guy is saying. Half way through though, I gave up, since I had researched the piercing so intensely I most likely could have done it on my own with a blindfold. So he cleans it, and by now my eyes are closed because I had seen the needle he used on the last two girls [not the same needle] and I had no intention of seeing mine. He told me to take a breath in, which I started to ignore but then realized that he wasn't pushing it through until I did. The pain wasn't even pain. It felt like the stinging you feel when you pour peroxide on a cut, only so much duller. There was no pinch or anything, just that dull stinging. I was holding my mothers hands and shaking really hard by this point, and the piercer was clearly concerned. I could tell he was worried about my dislodging the needle from my nose, because he was trying to hold me still and get the jewelry in as quickly as possible. When the jewelry went through it was just like getting it pierced again, which sounds bad but it was barely even uncomfortable pain so I didn't mind it. After it was done I was still shaking, and the guy had to tell me I could sit up now at least twelve times.

I loved it though. It looked so great on me. I was so very happy.

He rexplained aftercare, and I asked him about sleeping arrangements. I had heard that a band aid over it helps for the first week or so. He said that it might break my skin out, but it was a good idea.

So, of course being the vain person I am, I try to go without the first night. Well it itched a ton the first day, and sure enough I woke up in the middle of the night having scratched it in my sleep. It was bleeding and hanging half was out. So I wake up my mom but by the time she gets to the bathroom I had it under control. It's been about a month since I got it done, and I love it! I sleep with a band aid when I have a particularly itchy day, but other wise everything is great. I still occasionally pull it half way out while I'm washing my face- I would not advice acrylics with a new nose piercing! But other than that I love it, even though like 60% of the world has it now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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