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DIY septum ring .... yummmy !

Soooo ... lets take it back to about 10 months ago to August 17 2007. The night of my sisters party and my parents night out on the town. It was about 7:00 p.m. and my sister and friends we're going to skateland till 11 and my parents wouldn't be back till they picked her up. So all in all no one would be home till about 11:30 or midnight and it was only 7:00.

 I had done my septum before and failed at it. But tonight I was determined to succeed. And that's exactly what I did. I (at this time) did not know you could buy your own piercings needles and had done all my other D.I.Y. piercings with a sewing needle so I decided to use the same things as my poison of choice. So there I was sitting in the bathroom the waves from the heat lamp were hitting my back while I drop the needle in the emptied bottle of manic panic hair dye of alcohol. Then I took some tweezers and plucked all the little hairs I believed might get in the way.  Then I took the qui-tips and dipped them too in the alcohol to cleanse and sterilize the area of which I wanted the piercings at. By that time I was ready, everything had been cleaned and sterilized and the process was Okayed to move on.

  I sat in the mirror for almost three minutes just talking to myself convincing myself it wouldn't hurt. Then I slowly placed the needle on the inside of my nose and proceeded to press the needle inside. Almost immediately I was halfway through then found myself stopping to sneeze, bad idea. I then sneezed for 5 minutes, with the needle still in my nose and every time I went to try and push the needle further in to finish I would only sneeze more. So I stopped pushing for a minute so I would fully stop sneezing. When I was done I pushed through quickly and with force I thought I never had. I pushed it almost all the way through and I can remember the feeling that came over me when I saw the tip of the needle sticking out of the other side of my septum. And the HUGE smile that came over my face. When I had finally got done admiring the fact that I had gone that far I pushed the needle al the way through feeling a "pop" (god I love that feeling). I left the needle in my se

ptum for 2 minutes then pushed it all the way through to take it out.

  I knew the 16g. ring I had for it wasn't going to fit threw right away because it was slightly curved and the piercing was straight. So I decided to push my 16g. Monroe stud in to gauge it to a slightly larger size. I didn't immediately take the stud out though. I kept the stud in for maybe a half-hour to an hour. Then I slowly and very carefully took out the stud but I guess not careful enough. Tears almost immediately came to my eyes and then blood come spewing out my nose, I don't what made me cry more the blood, or the pain. After cleaning up the blood off my nose, hands, chest, and counter I proceeded to put the 16g. Ring in my septum. It was still sore and still hurt a bit, but I managed to get it in without crying anymore (just a couple sneezes every now and then). I remember I couldn't stop looking at it and immediately fell in love with the new body mod and was excited that I had accomplished it.

  Then came the real problem. My parents couldn't know or I would be dead. So I had to roll the ring up. It wasn't very painful, just enough to make my eyes water. But I ended up not keeping it hidden for long when my sister and her friends came home I couldn't help but brag and show my new septum ring to her and her friends. They all looked at me in surprise and amazement. They couldn't believe I had done the piercing either. And the first thing my sister said was my parents were going to kill me, but I had told her about how I could roll it up and that mum and dad were never going to find out about it. To this day my parents don't know. Many people do know I have it in fact everyone but my parents know I have the septum ring. It's been almost a year and I have it gauged to a 10 know and am still loving it. It was most defiantly worth the pain, blood, snot, and tears. And I've now pierced many septums since. I love it and I would recommend it to anyone. I think it is one

of the easiest piercings to do yourself (minus the pain). And it leaves with the most sense of accomplishment ever.


submitted by: mandeemichelle
on: 30 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: I+did+the+piercing+myself
Studio: My+bathroom
Location: Yakima%2C+Wa

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