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Bull Ring!

This is a story about me and my septum.

I've had my septum pierced twice. Once, it was pierced by a girl who used the wrong kind of retainer, and while I was cleaning it, it fell out, yadda yadda, it didn't last.

But I loved it so much, I decided to go and get it re-pierced.

It all started after I had retired my monroe, which I'd had for a year and a few months. I just grew tired of it -- it was more of a fashion statement than something I felt fit me. I'm not sure why I got it in the first place. Not to say that it wasn't cute -- it was, but it just wasn't me.

So feeling like a blank canvas and missing having metal in my face, I worked up the gall to get my septum redone. I remember the first time hurting really badly, and I wasn't sure I wanted to go through that again. But I figured that if I could endure it once, I could do it again. And pain doesn't last forever, so I guessed it would end up being alright.

In any case -- I grabbed a friend and we went thrift shopping the first half of the day. I was toying with whether to get it that day, or the next. Being impatient and impulsive like I am, I finally coaxed my friend to come with me to be there for moral support.

So off we went to the shop. It's a tiny shop, but it's very clean and the man who did my piercing was very nice and knowledgeable.

Of course, I went through the process of filling out paperwork, letting him look at my nose, etc. He didn't have septum clamps and was a bit wary of doing it without them, but I assured him I preferred it without the clamps. He was still not too keen on the idea of doing it without ANY clamps at all, which I respect him for, so we settled on using regular clamps.

Anyway. I know all about the sweet spot and how it's supposed to be pierced there, but I wasn't having it. I don't like how it looks when it's up at the tip of your nose, so I asked him to pierce it a bit further down. He agreed and off we went!

The pain was a lot less intense than I remembered it, but I was still tearing up and squeezing my friend's hand pretty hard. It only lasted for a few seconds, but there was a dull ache afterwards, and for quite some time, too.

Being the defiant and rebellious child I am, I showed it off proudly to my parents.

I should say now that my parents are both painfully Polish (straight from the 'old' country) and neither of them were very happy with me. My dad was ranting and raving for weeks, and he threatened to yank it out by himself (thanks dad!) My mom was a little less miffed, but she was still by no means happy.

It's been almost a year since I've had my piercing done, and they've come to accept it though. They don't necessarily enjoy it, but they know it makes me happy and that makes them happy. My dad doesn't say much about it anymore, and he just rolls his eyes and smirks at me when he sees it.

However, my mom does tease me. She calls me 'byk' -- which means 'Bull' in Polish, and tugs on it just to work me up. She means well, though.

I'm still pleased with my septum and I have just recently stretched it to a 12ga. I'm looking to go up to a 10, and no further, but I really love this piercing and feel that suits me much more than my monroe did.

Like I said before, my monroe was more of a fashion statement than something that defined who I am. I feel much more confident with my septum, and it's definitely a conversation starter. I've had people whisper amongst themselves about it, I've had people mock me for it, and I've had people turn me down for jobs because of it (even when I show them how it can be hidden.) But all in all, I would not take back a second if it.

If any of you out there are considering getting a septum, I say go for it! Don't let other people tell you what you should and should not do. (Unless of course, you're under 18. Then listen to your parents!) But if you've been lusting after one, I say do it. I think they are beautiful additions to anyone's face, and I applaud you if you go for it.

Happy Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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