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"And nothing below the neck because it's indecent!"

This is not my first body modification.

Hell, it is not even the body modification I worked hardest to get. It was, however, the one mod thus far that I have refused to compromise on. (Well, sort of)

It all began a month ago. I had already gotten my eyebrow pierced (twice) almost two years ago and I was beginning to feel that urge again. It wasn't until I broke up with my boyfriend that I really started to ache for that adrenaline rush in surgical steel. But I was worried. I wanted my nipples pierced (imitating a friend who only did hers a few weeks before) but could this body mod be a big "fuck you" to the ex; who didn't like nipple piercings? But of course, at that point I still had major feelings for this person and so his opinion still mattered a lot.

After a few days, a few drinks, and more than a few tears (and maybe more than a few drinks..) I realized that to me body modification was a means of expressing myself in a way words and actions never could. I love people with a passion, and my mother always said you couldn't judge another solely on their appearance. But then she would judge those with piercings, and told me I shouldn't get any because I would be judged! I told her that I was a nice person, and that maybe if I looked a way people didn't expect, and treated them as I normally would (but in a way they probably would be surprised by) then maybe I could help fuel a positive stereotype. She still doesn't really understand how I could intentionally "scar and mar" my "beautiful" face, and she has only just managed to tolerate my eyebrow piercings, but I think she realized that one way or another I wanted this, and as I only have a few more months until I am 18, she could either have a say in the process or not.

So I had been looking at pictures of piercings lately, and had decided I wanted my septum done. I had read various experiences, reporting on a range of pain and discomfort, and had already slightly suggested the idea to my mother. At first she just looked at me with this saddened expression and could only shake her head and say "Oooh dani.. no.." It was then that I changed my tactics. I waited until she had a really good day, and we went the beach (her most favorite spot in the world!) I began in a rather upfront and calm way.

Me: Mom, I think you should let me get a piercing for a grad gift to myself.

Mom: OK.

Me: (stunned, silent, flabbergasted)

Mom: Which one were you thinking of?

Me: (laughing) Well, I hadn't thought that far... I thought you would say no.

Mom: (snickers) Good point, I am glad you realized that I could say no.. but seriously, which one? I don't want you getting your lip because it would scar, your tongue because you could die.. And dani?

Me: Yes?

Mom: Nothing below the neck... it's indecent.

It was then that I suggested the septum; it would allow me to flip it up when I was at work, if it scarred then no one would have to see the mark, and I happened to adore the piercing (much more than even she anticipated I'm sure)

She thought about it, and swam a few laps, and then told me I could get it... as soon as I had the cash to pay for it. With that in mind I began my Facebook countdown, and told my best friend (the one who got her nipples pierced) She had wanted her septum done, but was broke so she told me I had to travel 4 hours to her town to get it done. I agreed, got her to look into piercing places for me, and got on the bus/train.

When I arrived I was supposed to get it done immediately, but the piercer at Skin Graffix was booked. We made an appointment for the next day and went out on the town.

The next morning arrived. I was so nervous I thought I would cry. But I was excited. I knew this feeling; it was more familiar and comforting than any lovers caress could ever be. I knew I had managed to convey my arguments in logical and reasonable ways, and that my mother gave me her blessing (in the only way she knew how)

We arrive at the studio (very clean and open) and sat on the edge of the couch. It turned out the cost would be half of what I imagined it to be, and I was able to go in almost immediately (after "signing away my soul" first though) Settling onto the table I tried to calm down, and talked to the piercer about jewelery. I knew I didn't want some tiny piece of metal that looked almost accidental, so I agreed to a 12 gauge circular barbell. After laying on my back the piercer talked to me to calm me down and then finally told me I had to relax. I told the story of my beach agreement and managed to take a few deep breaths. He didn't warn me before hand, and I didn't encounter any pain whats-so-ever. There was a bit of pressure, which caused my eyes to water, but besides that it was a smooth and rather enjoyable experience. He showed me my reflection, I laughed at my running eyeliner, thanked him immensely, paid and left.

That was 3 days ago, and I don't have many complaints. At first I was worried the larger gauge wouldn't allow me to flip it up, so in my paranoia I bought a size 16 circular barbell just in case, but I have managed through countless fiddlings to flip it up. The second day felt like someone had punched me in the face, and it hurt to even smile or laugh too much, but one gets through it. I can stand to soak it and play with it a little (but not too much) and I love it.

I warned my mother that it looked slightly overbearing, and I have to go to work in about 26 hours, but I am not worried...

OK.. Maybe a little.

Just a shout out to the lovely piercer and receptionist at Skin Graffix; you made the experience one I will never forget, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone! I may be back someday...

Amy for holding my hand and betting me I would cry so I could amaze you when I didn't.

John who drove us around like mad and never really complained.

Brandon who made me laugh so much it hurt and talked to me about piercings and what not.

So that's my story. I am planning on getting many, many more body mods, and promise to report on all of them. Thank you to BMEzine; you really welcomed me and allowed me to research my desires in a safe and well informed environment. I really hope my experiences can help someone else as much as I have been helped.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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