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My septum piercing, again.

I do not endorse self piercing or getting pierced by somebody unprofessional, but at the time I didn't care and my urge to get a piercing was far too great for me to care.

So here I was sitting in my house, bored out of my mind, and suddenly I get the urge to pierce something. Being the huge pussy I am, I message my friend Elisa and I tell her I want to get a piercing. She asked me what I had wanted and I thought about it. My parents, like most parents, are very close-minded, so I had to think of something I could hide. I told Elisa she should pierce my septum, because I'll be able to flip it up and hide it from my parents. I know that's kinda cheap, but that's the price they pay for not being more flexible with piercings.

I had waited a day or so and I went over to Elisa's town. She immediately asked me where I wanted to do it. I didn't know a place to do it, because I'm not 100% familiar with the town. We walked around for a little bit until she gave the call to her cousin, who had lived without parents I assume? I was in her house for such a short time, I really didn't notice whether or not there were actually parents there, but whatever.

We finally arrived at her house. I met with everyone inside and Elisa told me what she was doing and everyone was like "Ew."


Well, regardless, we went upstairs and we got ready to pierce my nose. I know for a fact that the choices I made weren't the best, but yeah, it happened and I can't turn back time and blah blah. I had this semi-sharp curved sewing needle I had for reasons unknown to me. She decided it would be better to use that, because she didn't have an actual piercing needle, which I didn't find surprising, but it all works out, because I got the piercing, right?

Well I sat down and took out that needle and a really small horseshoe. I prepped myself because I knew septum piercings suck, mainly because every time I tried to do/did it, my eyes watered like all hell. I took it out all previous times because I wasn't pleased with it, like it was crooked or something similar. Either way, I prepped myself and she advanced towards my nose with the needle. She said "Are you ready" or something along those lines and started pushing.

I was like "Shit, bitch", because it didn't hurt as bad as previous times. I grabbed onto her pockets (weird, huh?) and clenched my teeth as the needle made it's way through. About half-way through, I had to sneeze, so we paused. But immediately after, we went back. It passed through rather quick, surprisingly to me due to the bluntness of the needle. She put in the jewelry I had brought, but because my nose is a honker, I needed something larger.

We then walked to her house and she said "Wait here" as she walked up to her room to grab something larger. She came down with an 18 gauge surgical stainless steel horseshoe that was double the size of the horseshoe that was in my nose. Elisa traded the jewelry and I enjoyed my new piercing. It was actually really straight for a do-it-yourself piercing.

We then walked to the pizza store as little kids stared in awe at my new facial impalement. Haha. I was so pumped. I remember going into the pizza store and looking at it in the mirror and being like "My parents are going to stab me in the face if they see this". Haha.

I remember this one time in church (it was on Easter or something similar) I remember seeing this relatively old lady in this dress. I noticed something dangling from her nose. My dad pointed to her and told me, "If you ever get that piercing, we're disowning you" in a somewhat serious voice. I didn't really absorb what he said, because I was pretty much stunned to see a woman of her age with a septum piercing. And when I looked closer, I noticed she had snakebites also, but she had retainers in them. I was so shocked, but either way, I still wanted my septum pierced and I inevitably got it pierced.

Even through all that, I eventually took it out, because of suspicion of my parents and the fact that I have a deviated septum. In all reality, I'm actually kind of upset now that I took it out, but I do plan on getting it professionally pierced after I get my nose surgery. All that for nothing. Haha.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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