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Ok. So when I was about 15 years old, I saw a picture of Kelly Clarkson with her nose pierced. I thought it was so cute! Of course, I thought I had to have it, so I decided to ask my parents if they would take me to get it done on my 16th birthday. Of course, they said no. They said it was "slutty" and I didn't need to be walking around with holes in my face. I didn't understand. The nose piercing is so tiny! You can barely see it. And I told them I could always take it out after it healed, or get a retainer. They didn't know what I was talking about, and refused to argue with me about it. But I wasn't going down without a fight.

The next time I tried to convince her was about a year later while grocery shopping in Meijer. I figured my chances were probably better since my step dad wasn't around [he is twice as strict as she is]. She was still skeptical, but it seemed like my chances were getting better. She was willing to make a deal with me. If I could get all A's on my next report card, I could get it pierced on my 17th birthday. I knew it was going to be impossible for me to get those kind of grades, but I figured I'll take what I can get.

Well, my 17th birthday rolled around and I didn't even come close to getting all A's [surprise, surprise]. So I gave up on trying to convince my parents to take me. I still thought it was unfair that my sister got her belly button pierced when she turned 16, and I didn't even have THAT pierced. Desperately, I decided to pierce my own tragus [for the second time].

About two months ago, my family and I were sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV. My parents were making small talk, and out of nowhere my mom says "I still haven't gotten Kayla anything for her birthday. I was thinking about taking her to get her nose pierced." I was so excited! I couldn't even believe she said that. After all those years of arguing with her about it, she was finally giving in! But I should've known not to get my hopes up. My step dad was not too happy about it. He still went on to say how slutty they were, and even made a comment about how much of whore it makes my cousin look [not nice].

Later that day, my step-dad told me he had to drop some stuff off at his friend's house and wanted me to come with him. I was still upset, but I figured why not? There wasn't anything better to do. We were driving around, and we were coming up to this small piercing parlor on the side of the road. I figured if I looked at a piercing place, it would just make me want it more and more. So I turned my head away, sad. But my head rose up really quickly once he started to slow down. He pulled into the piercing studio parking lot, and I was beyond confused. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was looking to get a new bar code tattoo. Something in my mind told me that he was playing a trick on me. I was so nervous, but so excited at the same time.

We walked into the shop, and I was surprised how rude the artists were. My step dad asked about the tattoo, and one of them responded by saying it was practically going to be impossible, and cost over a hundred dollars. I asked about the nose piercing, and was told it would be about 60 dollars. I knew there were cheaper prices around at a few other places. After pissing off the tattoo artist by denying him, we decided it was the right time to leave.

We started to drive back home, and Tom called my cousin Jessica, who just recently had gotten her nose pierced. She told us about Bluz Tattoos in Waterford. She said it was just 30 dollars for any body piercing, and that included the jewelry. After we got home, I ate some dinner and then my parents and I headed out.

When we arrived at Bluz, I was pleasantly surprised by their service. Right away they asked us how we were doing and if there was anything they could help us with. I told them that I wanted to get my nose pierced, and they told us they would need to see my birth certificate and my ID. My mom would need to show the same. I totally forget about that! I felt stupid. One of the tattoo artists also told me that their piercer threw out her back, and wouldn't even be in the studio until the day after. I was getting frustrated. I just wished everyone would stop teasing me! I just wanted to get this piercing over with already.

The next day went by SO slow. I was very nervous, and extremely excited. Today was the day I would finally have it done. Three o'clock came around, and it was time to leave. When we got there, there were a couple people in front of us waiting to get pierced. Tom kept looking at them and making remarks about how slutty they looked [what a surprise, I know]. He wasn't helping my nerves out. I thought it wouldn't be that bad, it wasn't my tongue or anything. About thirty minutes went by, and it was finally my turn. Oh god, I thought. Here it goes.

I went in the smaller piercing room and sat in the chair. She preceded to tell me about the procedure she was going to use, and also mentioned how everything was pre-packaged and sterilized. I saw the needle sitting on the table, and was freaking out on the inside. I couldn't believe I was actually going through with this. It seemed like just a few days ago I was sitting at the computer looking at pictures of it, and now I'm sitting at the piercing studio. There were a million things running through my mind, and I figured that probably wasn't going to make my heart beat any slower.

She got out the Sharpie, and marked a spot on my nose where she was going to stick the needle through. I looked in the mirror, and decided it could be a little higher. She made a second mark. It looked perfect. She put on her gloves, and got out the alcohol swabs. She wiped my nose, inside and out, and my heart was racing. Just the smell of the alcohol got my nerves going. The smell of the latex gloves reminded me of all the doctors' visits I've had, and all the blood that I've gotten drawn. I didn't understand why I was freaking myself out so much. She told me to take a couple deep breaths, and made sure I knew to breathe while she was doing the piercing. She said my eyes were probably going to water, and told me to stay as still as possible.

As I took my final deep breath, she poked the needle through. OH MY GOD it hurt so bad. I've never been in so much pain in my entire life! She held the needle in for about a minute so she could get the jewelry ready. Of course it had to be a nose screw, which also hurt like hell. But once the jewelry was in, it was all over. I stood up to look in the mirror and got sort of dizzy. I figured it was normal, but decided to sit back down. She asked me how I was feeling, and I told her I was fine. My heart was still beating, but it was starting to slow down a bit. After about thirty seconds, I was feeling VERY dizzy and the room was spinning. I told her I felt a little light headed, and she called the lady at the front desk to bring me a "Care Package". It had a cold towel for the back of my neck and forehead. That's when I passed out.

When I finally woke up, there was a big man standing there with some smelling salts. I looked around and EVERYONE was standing in my little room watching me, as if they've never seen anyone black out before. I had a juice box in my hand. I figured it was just part of the care package. She asked me how I felt, and I told her my fingers were tingling and I couldn't really feel them. She asked me if I had eaten anything that day, and I told her I had some chicken noodle soup right before I came. Tom felt it was necessary to make fun of me and told me how I started twitching after I passed out. I guess it was kinda funny. The piercer, Lori, told me she's never had anyone pass out in the studio before. She said she's had people throw up, and scream at the top of their lungs, but nobody's ever actually passed out completely.

I stood up to look at my piercing in the mirror one more time. I loved it! It felt kind of sore already, though. She walked me to the front desk to pay for my new piercing, and told me all the different ways to take care of it. She said it would be healed within two months, and told me not to change the jewelry until a certain date. She gave me the brochure with all kinds of tips, and do's and don'ts for taking care of my new nose ring. It also told me the date that I could change the jewelry. She told me not to use any kind of alcohol or peroxides, and avoid wearing makeup. She advised me to go to the grocery store to get sea salt, and said to soke it twice to three times every day for the next two months. A lot of information was being thrown at me at once, but I knew I could handle it. I still thought it was a very good deal at only 30 dollars.

My piercing was extremely painful when I first got it done. But I must say, it was just about three or four days until the pain was completely gone. Yeah it hurt when I accidentally rubbed it, forgetting that I even had it. I've woken up a couple times with a nasty bump next to my nose ring. It looked sort of like a pimple, and it wasn't the least bit attractive. After looking on the internet at people with similar problems, I found out that it's from broken tissue in your cartilage. It's simply the nose's way of repairing its tissues. Although it said not to pop it, I became very frustrated and did it anyways. I always used hydrogen peroxide, which can also be harmful to any kind of piercing, but it seemed to work just fine for me. Within a couple of days the bump was gone.

I've had this piercing for just under two months, and it's finally getting closer to the day when I can change the jewelry. I'm really excited to get a bunch of new cute studs and experiment with the different types [since the nose screw can be a little annoying]. I've already been looking around at some, and I saw that there is a huge selection of cute ones at Hot Topic. I only have a week to go!

Overall, I would recommend this piercing to anyone who's thinking about getting it. If you're underage, or think it will be impossible to convince your parents, DON'T GIVE UP! Eventually they'll either realize how cute it actually is, or get annoyed with you asking so much. Honestly, this piercing hurt a lot when I first got it done. But like I said before, the healing process is practically painless. Just make sure you take very good care of it, and be careful not to rub it or mess it too much. If you have to adjust it, make sure your hands are clean, and wash them frequently just in case. To me, a couple minutes of pain is well worth this extremely cute piercing. You'll be able to show it off to your friends, and you also might even have some funny stories to go along with it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Lori+Miller
Studio: Bluz+Tattoos
Location: Waterford%2C+Michigan

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