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An uplifting septum piercing.

I got my septum pierced a few days before Christmas of 2007. It was my first body modification, though I had a scheduled session for a tattoo the day before Valentine's day that had been in place for nearly a year.

I was going through a very troubled time: I was just getting control of my bipolar disorder, still getting over a bad breakup with a girlfriend of two years and losing a majority of my close friends. One day, while feeling down in the dumps, I decided I needed a piercing. I had a friend that I had a huge crush on in the past and felt that she was absolutely gorgeous, so I might make myself more beautiful by emulating her. She had multiple piercings in her ears, one in her septum, and one in each nipple. But the most outstanding was her septum piercing, so that's what I decided to get.

I knew my sister would want to see me getting my first piercing, so I called her up and we dropped by the studio where I would later get my tattoo and further piercings, World of Body Works. I had heard great things from many people about the piercer there, Meriam, most saying that she was the only person they would allow themselves to be pierced by.

Once all the paperwork was in order, the decisions on gauge and jewelry were made, and the aftercare instructions explained, it was time to get pierced. Now, nobody's body is perfect, and mine is no exception to the rule; my septum was more crooked than the Colorado River and it took quite some time before Meriam had marked off what she felt would be a straight piercing.

Once the marking lines had been checked and double checked, Meriam explained to me the finer points of rubber-banded clamps. Though they don't feel very powerful in your hands, the septum is quite a bit more sensitive than anything else you'd pinch with the clamps to test them out. Once on, it's like having your septum pinched by a hydraulic press, with the added bonus of the weight of the clamps trying to pull your septum out of your nose, or so it seem. Also, due to the lack of uniformity in my nose, the clamps had to be readjusted many, many times before they were lined up properly. All in all, an uncomfortable experience, but nothing to cry about.

Clamps in place, double checked, time to close the eyes and wait to be pierced. I had never been pierced before, so I didn't know what to expect, but Meriam just told me to take a deep breath, let it go, and ... take another deep breath, let it go, and ... By this point I'm wondering if she'll ever get to piercing my nose, but the third time I exhaled she pushed the needle through my septum.

Having the needle go through my septum was an odd feeling: It stung like poking your finger with a very sharp needle and not pulling away, but once it was all the way through it became a dull, lightly throbbing sensation.

Now that the deed was done, it was time to remove the clamps and put in the jewelery. However, removing the clamps was not easy, having a wide septum and tiny nostrils. The clamps slipped once while Meriam was removing them and snapped back on my nose, which was painful yet very funny at the same time. After cutting the rubber bands that gave the clamps their immense squeezing powers, they were easily removed and the jewelry could now go in.

Of the entire process, I'd say putting in the jewelery was the most painful part, and I don't know why. It just felt uncomfortable, like putting a big ring through a small hole, even though Meriam pierced with a larger gauge than the jewelery. Through the whole procedure though, the pain was never so great that I reconsidered or even made a sound.

Jewelery in place, it was time to go out into the real world and show off my new face. At work they didn't seem to mind that I had jewelery so I left the curved barbell down instead of tucking it into my nostrils, which was much more pleasant. For the first two weeks, though, I could not stop myself from playing with the jewelery in order to keep the balls level to the ground because the barbell kept rotating in the hole. This was preventing the piercing from healing properly and causing my poor nose great distress, so I went back and asked Meriam to change out my jewelery for a segmented ring that is continuous. This change was just what the doctor ordered: I quit touching the ring with my dirty hands and the piercing healed very soon after. As a bonus, I find the continuous ring to be much better looking than the curved barbell.

Readjusting to life with a ring in my nose took some time: blowing my nose the usual way was no longer an option, and working in a very cold environment will make your nose run and mucus collect on the ring, so wipe the ring from time to time. Better sneeze through your mouth to avoid embarrassment and snot rockets are out of the question as far as I'm concerned. Watch out for it when you're shaving and when pulling on and off t shirts. I also picked up the habit of using my upper lip to play with the ring so I'll inadvertently make a kissing face in public which is very entertaining.

The greatest thing about my piercing is the fact that it really did make me feel much more beautiful. A simple ring in my nose gave me a giant boost of confidence, helped bring me out of the doldrums, and motivated me to get more piercings. Each piercing I've gotten since has made me more comfortable with my body and I feel has made me more attractive. I have not regretted having my septum pierced a single day.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Meriam
Studio: World+of+Body+Works
Location: Lafayette%2C+Louisiana

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