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"Alright I'll just finish up here and then I'll stab you in the face!"

 After about eight months of putting it off, it finally happened! My buddy who got me into mods called me up after work and asked if I wanted to go with him to the studio after work to grab some half inch tunnels. Naturally I said yes as I love everything about being in the studio. My buddy knew I really wanted my septum pierced and also knew I was putting it off. He always trys to get me pierced just to watch me squirm. He says it's for my own good, because I want to pierce people for a living, and just because I wanted it anyway. We walked from the bus terminal to artistics, grabbed his tunnels, and after refusing to get my septum pierced just because I was again, putting it off we walked over to Pizza Pizza and grabbed a slice. At this point I'm really regretting not getting my piercing, so I tell him I have to go clean my nose out cause it'd suck to have huge nastys for Jer to clean out. His face lights up, I go clean up my nose and we walk all the way back to artisti

cs. Jer was pretty sure I'd be back and he was just finishing up a lip piercing on some kid with his mom. Pretty funny little kid too, telling his mom told him upon looking at the tapers that he will never stretch his ears, to which I respond "that's what my mom said too." As I've got a half inch of metal in my lobes as well. Anyway, Jer says "Alright I'll just finish up here and then I'll stab you in the face!" What a comforting guy eh? Really he does make you seem very relaxed, and I wouldn't go anywhere else to get "stabbed"

So we go back to the room behind the desk and to the right, and he puts on some gloves, cleans the chair, sits me down, changes his gloves, gets the sterilized needle and retainer out on the sterilized work area and again changes his gloves. All the while he's talking to me about random crap, always making me laugh to the point both my buddy and I forget why we're there. Once I lay down he explains "You'll feel a set press of the needle, then breath, and I'll eventually push, and then you cry like a little girl and we get to laugh." I asked also how bad it would hurt. He explained "It's kinda like being punched in the face, it'll feel like you just got gang beaten for a few days. I asked why he didn't use clamps and he explained they warp your nose and just fuck it up. So I lay down, he cleans my nose, tells me not to breath in through my nose because it'd be like sniffing vodka. Of coarse without thinking I breath in through my nose and if fucking sucked for sure! He then m easured, and aligned the retainer to make sure it'd fit, and then rested the point of the needle against my septum after making sure everything was alright, and it was straight several times. He then, without warning, in mid sentence pushes through. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt that much at all. It was like a pinch, really. I'd rather get my septum pierced a hundred times over than get my nipple pierced again, that's for sure. It was barely more painful than getting my lobes pierced.

The needle he used was 12ga but he fallowed it in with a 14ga retainer. If you're thinking about stretching, it wakes forever, just get it punched. I have a friend who got her septum puncheed, she says it sucked but was worth it. If you're impatient you're better off just sucking it up and taking a real "punch" to the face. No pun intended, well maybe. Pretty easy after care, just soak your nose in hot, salt water for five to ten minutes a couple times a day, Some spot treatment with a q-tip sometimes. He charged me 40, because I'm a regular, but I gave him 60 because I know how shitty the pay must be, and I want a co-op placement there next year, so I'm pretty good about it. I waited about five weeks and then put a black circular barbell in it. Jer switched it for me. It was a little tough sliding through though.

If you want your septum pierced, just do it. The pain is no where near as bad as you'd think, and it's fucking awesome to play with around old people. And you can hide it very easily. Just don't forget to flip it up after cleaning if you're hiding it. I forgot to about a month ago and my dad saw it and he still wont talk to me. Anyway, go get stabbed in the face!



submitted by: 22inchbobert
on: 20 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jer
Studio: Artistic+Impressions
Location: St.+Catharines%2C+Ontario

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