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Piercing My Own Nostril

     I had wanted my nose pierced for a very long time, and knew my parents would never take me to get it pierced professionally, or pay for it. I had just started hanging out with "scene kids" and wanted to fit in with my new friends. And so, the first day of summer in my freshman year of high school I decided to pierce it myself. I had never been pierced or let alone pierced myself so it took a lot to talk myself into it. I was nervous that my hand would shake, and I would pierce it crooked, but I got over it. I sterilized the needle by heating it over the stove, and used a thin sharpie marker to mark where I was going to pierce it. I couldn't find an apple to use (I heard to stick a piece of apple where the needle was going to come out to prevent sticking yourself with it, and to be able to pierce it quickly.) So I decided just to try to hold the other side of my nose and bite the bullet. I used my fingers on the inside of my nose to apply pressure against the needle a

nd aid the process. It was a little tricky, but I just kept finding the head of the needle and placing two fingers around the spot and applying pressure.

I didn't pierce my nose on the left because of any sexual preference, I simply like the left side of my face better, and wanted to keep the focus there. I believe the right side is the symbol for homosexuality, but this was not a factor in my ultimate decision. The pain was really nothing at first, I wasn't even sure if it was going in because it hurt so little. I did it slowly because I was afraid of the pain. Then about 3/4ths of the way through I started to feel it, but it wasn't too bad. The peak of pain was probably right before it broke through the other side. My nose actually did not bleed at all, a little puss leaked out, but it was nothing major. I cried a little because the pain was so slow and gradual. However, you wouldn't have as painful as an experience if you have it professionally pierced. When done professionally, it is a quick procedure and I have been told it is barely painful at all. Surprisingly, I pierced it very straight and there weren't any major comp lications. I used a thick needles, probably about a 14 gauge, and left it in for about 2 hours for the hole to stretch a little. After that, I put in a stud I had bought from hot topic. It did pus a little, but that is all normal. Crusty discharge also formed around the stud daily, but this is also normal for a new piercing.

I was so scared my parents would make me take it out, I bought a clear nose stud also. I would wear the clear one when I was with my friends, and then change it back to a hoop when I wasn't. It worked for a while, but then I was forgetting to take out my hoop, and eventually my parents found out. It really did get annoying taking it in and out, and also I do not think it was good for the piercing. Also, it was weird to explain to my friends why I was always changing my nose rings. If you do try to hide a piercing, it usually doesn't stay a secret for long. Sooner or later your parents or work will find out you have one.

It healed up nicely because I cleaned it twice daily and turned it, but I would not recommend doing any piercing yourself unless you are a professional. There are many things that could go wrong, and it really isn't worth the trouble. I know it is hard for teenagers under 18 to wait or have their parents take them, but it really is important to get it done professionally. Also, go to a reputable piercer. If you are just looking for the cheapest piercer, you might as well save up because it will be worth it. I have heard many disaster stories about piercing from inexperienced piercers.

Looking back, my parents probably would have let me get my nose pierced if I had asked, but I was too naive to even think of asking. They eventually found out and let me keep my piercing, and I still have it about a year later. I'm not "scene" anymore, but I still have my piercing, and don't intend on removing it anytime soon. A nose piercing really can fit any style. I hope to get my sub clavicles pierced in the future, but the piercing sounds dangerous and I am still thinking on it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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