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My rebellious birthday piercing

It was my 17th birthday and I was going to treat myself to something I had wanted for a fair bit of time. Although I feared the wrath of my parents, since I'd made a promise after getting about 9 holes in my ears that I would refrain from any more body modification until I was 18, or had moved out and was living with my rules, not theirs. I cannot really remember the exact rules anymore. At the subway I called my Dad to let him know I would be returning home with a nostril piercing. He was not amused but I used some compromising and argumentative skills to try and make my point. I told him that if my mother and him really could not stand to look at it, I would get a clear container to wear in it when they were around, I figured once they got used to it this would not matter, and I was right.

My friend and I then continued to the tattoo parlor, a place recommended to me about a year earlier by a friend of mine who had also had her nostril done. While my friend bought a septum ring in the store, I proceeded to the basement to have my piercing done by a woman named Renee. She made sure I was happy with the placement of the piercing, and answered any questions I had. She took a long needle which when pierced through the hole stood about the length of my eye to my lips, it did not really hurt, just a brief sharp pinch and in no time it was done and it looked great!

The only pain aside from the slight pinch was the fact that it was January and thus cold in Toronto, and the metal from the stud made my nose around the piercing a bit cold and sore briefly. I arrived home to a slightly annoyed father and my mother did not actually notice the piercing until the following day, I was rather strategic about not letting her see the left side of my face.

At first I was very diligent about cleaning it and following the instructions. However one problem about my personality is after a while I start to get lazy with cleaning my piercings, I was the same way with my ears. A nostril piercing is not really what I would consider high maintenance, but I was supposed to soak it in warm water and sea salt, and also use a neutral soap recommended by my piercer. I did this for awhile, and I don't think I really had any problems with it until when it was maybe less than 2 weeks old and I accidentally pulled it part way out while taking off a shirt. Ouch is a pretty good word to describe that moment. After that (and from a bit of laziness on the cleaning) I developed a small red bump. Instead of returning to the parlor to have them check it out, which they recommended and would probably have been a good idea. I picked at it and tried cleaned more often to try and make the bump go away as fast as possible. Using a hot press and cleaning se

emed to work well, a few days and some leaking out pus later the bump went away and the piercing looked good and healthy again.

One thing I will say about a nostril piercing is that everyone has a different shape and size of nose. One of the things I worried about was how a ring may look rather than a stud, since due to the shape of my nose my piercing seems a bit higher up than a lot of others I have seen. I did wear a ring for about a month after having my piercing for a year, and I decided that I looked better with a stud. I also tried a variety of shapes and sizes of studs, and yet I still to this day wear the surgical steal ball I was pierced with because I find it looks the best on my face.

I have on and off had the desire to get a variety of different piercings before, for quite a while (and even sometimes now) I wanted to get two eyebrow piercings beside one another, but I was scared of the chance it would migrate and scar over. I also would like to get a labret piercing, but I'm worried it might damage my teeth or get infected. The nose seemed like a safe route to go, and I believe they look good.

I'm glad I chose to get my nose pierced, I absolutely love the way it looks. It is easy to maintain and has not given me any problems in over 2 years now. If you are considering a piercing such as a nostril, I highly recommend it. They can be elegant or dramatic depending on what is worn in them, and they are one of the more acceptable facial piercings that most employers will not have a problem with, which is a plus.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Renee
Studio: Way+Cool+Tattoo+Uptown
Location: North+York+%28Toronto%29%2C+Ontatio

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