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My nostril piercing, with mum!

My mum and I were wandering around in the city doing some window shopping and having lunch together for Mother's Day this year. I noticed a girl standing around in the mall who had a lovely sparkling nostril piercing and I mentioned in passing to mum that I had been meaning to get mine done again (I'd had it done once before but had retired it). Mum, being an outgoing and spontaneous chicky, immediately said, "Well let's go do it then!". I thought it was awesome that mum was going to get her nose pierced and I wanted to see it on her so badly that I agreed to have mine done too (knowing that she wouldn't get hers done unless I did).

We searched around for a studio but alas, most of them were closed. We ended up walking to BodyWorx in the mall, where they sell accessories, hair products, jewelery and do body piercings without appointments. Mum was really close to chickening out so in a rush I grabbed one of the staff ladies and asked how much it would be for two nostril piercings. She told us that it would be $50 each, including the jewelery. Mum and I were a little surprised at the price because my old nostril piercing had only cost $25, but we went ahead with it. The lady said that one of the piercers was available to do it right now, and she led us down the back of the shop and around into a little booth with a bed. The small booth looked clean and was quite private and hidden from the rest of the shop.

The piercer asked us what kind of jewelery we wanted. My mum was after something discreet as she felt she was too old for something too sparkly or gaudy. I didn't really want anything too huge to start off with either, so we told her we wanted something cute and small and she suggested that we use a flat-top titanium L-bar stud. I regret this decision for reasons I'll go into a bit later.

My mum went first, knowing that if she saw me in pain she wouldn't have the nerve to do it. I didn't watch her having hers pierced in fear that I'd chicken out too! Before long it was my turn. The piercer asked me to lie on the bed, close enough to the edge so she would have good access to my nose. She cleaned my nose with an alcohol wipe, then marked a small dot in the crease of my nose and showed it to me in a mirror, I said it looked okay. She then asked me to relax as she fixed the clamp to my nostril. This part didn't hurt at all, it was just like a blunt pinch.

She then told me that she was going to insert the needle. She poised it above my nostril and I closed my eyes. She asked me to breathe in as she passed the needle cleanly through my nostril. It was a very sharp, hot searing pain but it definitely wasn't unbearable. It still made me gasp and tense up a little. She told me to exhale slowly as she threaded the bar through. This part was the most uncomfortable and felt like a sharp dragging pain that made my eyes tear up. It only lasted a few seconds, though. My nose was also bleeding a lot, like a full on nose bleed; this was probably because I'd been crying heavily earlier that morning, my nose was still swollen and red and the blood vessels in my nose were probably inflamed or something.

Afterwards the piercer cleaned up my bloody nose with a q-tip, mum and I had a bit of a giggle at our spontaneity and then we went and paid. I left the store holding a tissue up against my nose as it was still heavily bleeding. We were also given a bottle of EarCare antiseptic, which we didn't end up using anyway as I believe it's better to either Leave It The Hell Alone (the LITHA method) or use sea salt soaks than use harsh antiseptics. The piercer failed to offer us any useful aftercare information.

Unfortunately the flat top stud irritated my nose and I began to develop some hypertrophic scarring which started to grow over the flat top of the stud. I decided to remove the stud myself two weeks later and replace it with a stainless steel L-bar with a small gem. It was a bit red and angry for a day or so, but already the bump has started to dry up and become smaller with some sea salt soaks. It looks much better; the flat titanium top I had in initially looked like a blackhead!

PS: My mum's healed up even better than mine did! She's very pleased with it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Unsure%2C+female
Studio: BodyWorx
Location: Hobart%2C+Tasmania

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