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my favorite piercing

I have always been interested in body modification for as long as I can remember. I first got my ears pierced when I was about five years old, because my mom worked at a hair salon where they did ear piercing (with a gun...I hadn't been introduced to BME quite yet). Since then I've gotten my ears pierced five more times, including my snug and my tragus, and I've also had my bellybutton and anti-eyebrow done, but both are now retired :[.

The day I decided to get my septum pierced, I had not even been planning on getting a piercing. I woke up and went to the dining hall for breakfast like any other day, and while I was waiting to fill my drink I noticed the girl in front of me had her septum pierced. I had been considering getting my septum done a few months back, and all the sudden I knew that this is what I wanted, and that I would get it done as soon as possible. I had done some looking around on BME, so I already knew what to expect.

I had been really down for a couple weeks and I knew that a piercing was the perfect solution, and would make me feel a whole lot better. Since it was the Sunday before finals week, I was suppooosed to be studying, but since I've never been a good student I thought that taking a trip to Staircase would be a muuuch better idea (and of course it was!). I told my two best friends what I wanted to do, and both were excited for me and wanted to come, but sadly both were busy that afternoon. I decided that I would just go by myself, because I don't need a hand to hold and I just couldn't wait till the next day to have it done!

So I hopped on the bus to downtown and made my way over to Staircase. I made my way to the counter and a dude that I'd talked to a couple times on my previous trips to Staircase got me started with the paperwork and showed me the retainer that they used for septum piercings. I don't really tend to get nervous at all for piercings or tattoos, I think it's cause I just want them so badly pain isn't even a consideration, but anyway, I was totally ready when Tom came out and asked if i was ready to get started.

We made our way back to the ever so sterile piercing room (that really looks more like a doctor's office) and he had me sit down on the big doctor's table-thing. He talked to me about getting my septum done and I asked how much it was gonna hurt, more out of habit than anything...of course a needle going through your nose will hurt! He then cleaned my nose and got a toothpick to marked my nose inside and out with purple ink, and I realized that it was actually much further up than I had anticipated. He had me lay down on my back with my head hanging over the edge so he could get a good look waaay up my nose, and told me he was about to do it. He warned me that he couldn't do the usual breathe in, breathe ou-POKE! because...well to be honest I can't remember, I was too excited to listen. So I braced myself and before I knew it there was a piece of metal through my nose! The part I dread is always the jewelry going in, but even that wasn't so bad. The pain was pretty minima l, but then again I think I've got a pretty high pain tolerance.

Anyway, I jumped off the table and looked in the mirror and...I LOVED it! I was immediately very happy with my decision, and had my phone out faster than we could get out the door texting my friends about how much I loved it. I paid and talked to my piercer Tom for a couple more minutes, asking him about stretching my septum and his enormous stretched ears, before heading back to school. After I walked out the door I was so happy I practically skipped back to the metro station and rushed (well as fast as you can rush while taking the bus) back to campus to show off my new metal. This is also where I realized I had totally forgotten to tip him! I felt really bad, but of course I'll be back soon and I'll be sure to make up for it.

Most of my friends tell me they like it, except for a few who I really didn't except to. My mom's first reaction was "oh, eeeeewwww!" which was exactly the reaction I expected, because while she knows it's my body and my choice, she still doesn't like most body modifications. I wear it flipped up now because the retainer looks a little awkward down, but I'm excited for when I can change it to a circular barbell and wear it down to shock all of my non-modded friends =]. It still doesn't really hurt unless I bump my nose, and then it feels like it's really tender from getting socked in the nose or something. I try to do sea salt soaks a couple times a day, although I'm not very good at remembering. I also wash it with Naked soap that's specifically for body piercing, and also really awesome because it comes out as foam, twice a day to keep it squeaky clean. Now (three days later) it kind of gets stuck in the 'up' position and I need to loosen it up with warm water to be ab le to flip it down without crying from the pain, but other than that I haven't had any problems.

Overall I would say if you're thinking about a septum piercing, go for it! I wasn't really sure how it would look or if I had the right nose for it, but I was actually surprised by how much I like it and now it's my favorite! Now I just can't wait to go back for my next piercing, a medusa! Also, I would recommend Tom and Staircase to anybody in Santa Cruz!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Tom
Studio: Staircase+Tattoo+and+Body+Piercing
Location: Santa+Cruz%2C+California

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