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my cute little nose ring.

Ok so, when I was nine years old, I got my lobes done. Then apparently, one got ripped out,put back in, got infected, and made a huge pus/blood bubble on the back of my ear. Which hurt like a mother fucker when my mom had to squeeze all the pus and blood out. So I just took the other one out too. I was afraid to get a piercing ever since that incident. But when I was 12, I got my cartilage done with a gun. Bad idea, I was pretty stupid, but it's actually still really fine right now. A few weeks after that I got my cartilage pierced with a needle. I realized how ADDICTING it was. I guess it is true when people say piercing "bugs" bite you. So a few days after I turned 13, I decided I wanted to get my nose pierced. I asked my mom, and of course, the answer was no. I kept begging her, she kept saying no. A month later, we were going to see my brother Mike, in Norfolk. I was so anxious to get it done now! I asked my mom, and she said she'd talk to my dad about it. So the next d ay, my mom tells me I could get it done.

I was so excited! After a few days, May 7 came around. It was the day before going to see Mike, and also the day of my new nose piercing! After coming home from school, we waited for my dad to come home. When he came home, I was so nervous. My mom said "Let's go!", and we got into the car. Of course I had to take a friend. So on our way out to Ink Well Tattoo, also the place I got my cartilage done, we picked up my friend Carlee. After that, it was just 5 minutes away. When we arrived, I was REALLY nervous now. We saw Bryn, the girl who pierces me, out on the steps smoking a cigarette, along with the owner of theshop, and so me other dude. When she was done, we all walked into The Ink Well. My mom was talking to Ben, guy who does her tattoos, about get a touch up on one of hers she wanted done. Then she saw my brothers ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriend there. Of course my mom wanted to tell him I was getting my nose pierced, and he was like, "What? Septum?", then my mom is just li ke "What's that?" and I showed her where it was, and she was just like, shocked. Haha, I just laughed. I was getting my nostril done though. So Bryn had us sign the papers and what not, about my age, all the normal shit. After that, she took me into the room, and she had me sit down on a black leather chair. Not really anything like the dentist looking ones that everyone talks about. I had Carlee come in and hold my hand, since I'm pretty much of a wuss. Then she showed me the ring she was going to use. A 16 gauge captive bead ring. The she had me sit down on the chair, and marked my nose. The placement was perfect. So I sat back down and she clamped my nose.

She told me to take deep breaths in and then out. She pushed the needle through so easily. I was so suprised there was no pain at all. And many people say it's the most painful piercing. Not for me! I didn't even feel the ring go in. When she was done, I looked in the mirror, and I loved it! After that we paid her, and then left. We then went to the novelty shop by Brothers Tattoo, and got some little nose studs. Then we took my friend Carlee home. On the way home it was a little sore. So when we got home, I took some Ibuprofen. Which helped a lot. I also showed my gram, which she hated it, and still does. And I showed my dad. I don't know if he liked it. The next day we went to see Mike. Even he said it was pretty cool. Anyone wanting a nose piercing, I say go for it. It's fun and worth it. Next I'm thinking of getting my lip or eyebrow done. Hmm. Oh and any questions someone wants to ask or whatever, just email me. [email protected] Have a happy piercing! Good luck ! And one more thing, I have this bump on my nose ring now, and if anyone knows how to get rid of it, please email me. I've pretty much tried everyting. Sea salt soaks, sea salt compresses, antibacterial soap, chammomile tea, etc. So just please tell me. Okay thanks!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: bryn
Studio: the+ink+well+tattoo
Location: weirton

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