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Leave with a smile

It had been 10 years since my last piercings were done. I got into a piercing kick again this year and had a couple on my mind that I had been checking out, the nose and nipples. I did research for the best piercers in the area and continued to hear about Kaleidoscope. After finding their web site and getting to read about their top piercers, I new that this was the place and I wasn't worried about who I'd get, they both seemed great. Kaleidoscope really goes above and beyond to inform you of what they have to offer, and how they ARE the best! You should check it out if your thinking of piercings at all! It will ease your mind and help you take the next step.

You can see pictures of the piercers and a little about each of them along with links to read about other costumer experiences. They also have pictures of each type of piercings along with the different ways they do the piercings and the prices of them. You can also read about the genital piercings.

So I headed to Kaleidoscope to get my nose pierced, this would be what I called "the easy one" considering I had already had my navel, tongue, and hood pierced 10 years prior in Pensacola Florida. Qui Qui was piercing on this day which I was thrilled with, he would have been the chosen one if I had picked!! He had me fill out the paperwork, proof of AGE, info, and make payment while he prepared the room. With in just a few min. I was walked into the piercing room where an awesome chair sat (fire red) just as I had already read about online, something was said about hoping up on that bad boy :) so I did! The room was exstremely clean and WOW I loved the mirror's one filled the whole wall the other positioned on the other side of the room where you could see all around you if you were sitting up :) and the lighted up bench my friends and I called "The bitch" take a seat on the bitch while you watch we said :) This was a room many of us would have enjoyed many different ways
:) On the sealing they even had a screen with fish swimming and a post it note, I can't remember what it said, something about smiling and making it through it :) And of course music playing quietly.

So after checking the room out it was time to get on with the task at hand.....

Qui Qui was very calming, with every word he spoke I became more relaxed about the situation. He went over each detail not moving ahead until he made sure all your questions were answered before moving on to the next step. For a moment I forgot what I was there for, having more fun with Qui Qui then I expected. :) Qui Qui explained the procedure and showed me exactly what each thing would be used for. Nothing scary, and he was so smooth about it, making sure he didn't freak you out about anything. He reassured me everything would be awesome!!

So it was go time. He asked me if I was ready, I couldn't tell you what I said but I'm sure it was something stupid :) He headed my way with his trey. He marked the spot for the piercing and made sure I liked it. It was perfect so that was it...... He said alright it's time and a quick poke was all it took. The pain was very very mild, gave me a rush that was worth every second of the whole deal. I did bleed "A Little" (with smiles) but everything was so cool. Qui Qui kept his cool and remained calm :) which impressed me because it's rare! Qui Qui was excellent, told me if I had any problems to give him a call. I got a bag with my cleaning solution in it, some instructions to review again later and Qui Qui's business card.

I would recommend Kaleidoscope to EVERYONE!! The environment is very peaceful there and the piercers are awesome!!

Since my piercing the end of April 2008, Now June 7th it has healed really well, I have had to go in for adjustments, all apart of the normal care. I have had Ben for an adjustment and he too was very calming and caring about your situation. You know it's good when "They" can listen......right?? And I assure you they would tend to your needs professionally!

So if your thinking about a piercing, I hope this has helped put your mind at ease. Just as Qui Qui says you'll leave with a "SMILE" I sure did :)

Always Smiling Jenny :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Qui+Qui
Studio: Kaleidoscope
Location: springfield%2C+MO

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