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Fear into Joy - A piercing experience.

Hello All ~

I have been contemplating getting my nostril pierced for just a short time. For some reason the idea of seeing a small diamond gem on my face began to grow and within a month or so, I knew I had to have one.

I naturally was a tad apprehensive as it was my first piercing since I was young and somewhat stupid and the thought of pain now just isn't quite as welcome - I have my lobes pierced, one on the right, three on the left - all by the dreaded gun, alcohol aftercare and turn it everyday (if we only knew then what we know now). Pain was my deterrent - but how bad could it be....right? The videos showed it being super fast on you tube.... I also was worried what my parents would think - I know at 42 it should be my decision and I really shouldn't be worried about anyone else, but what can I say, respect and all - I know I am going to get a lecture when they see me.

I finally decided to go for it. I did my research on BMEzine and other sites, talked with people that had the piercing I wanted (and those that had retired it to ask about scarring should I ever change my mind) and shopped around to three different local shops in the Granville Street area in Vancouver - I decided upon Sacred Heart because I liked the two piece jewelry they pierce with, the shop was super clean, the staff made me feel welcome and comfortable and I had both friends and a husband that had been pierced there. They answered all my questions in my shopping around phase without hesitation or making me feel uninformed.

I was told that I could just walk in and didn't really need an appointment. Saturday came, out for a morning 10 Mile hike then decided that it was "P" day. I called my girlfriend Nat to meet me downtown - part of the experience and memory of this day would have to be seeing approximately 300 - 400 naked people on bikes on my drive downtown - it was the "Cancer Below the Belt Fundraiser" I found out afterward but it sure lightened my mood.

When we get to the shop we find out that they cannot pierce me until 6:00 in the evening or the next day - but I know me and if I had to wait, I would have chickened out.......they called their other shop on West 10th and they could take me right away. We set up the appointment for 4:30 and away we went.

When we got there we were met with smiles and reassurance that all would be okay. I met and spoke with my piercer, Stephanie. She was great, made me feel very confident in her and everything she was doing. I picked out my jewelry - a two piece titanium stud with a small diamondish gem of 1.5mm. Then Nat and I were led back to the piercing room past visible autoclaves and sterile packaging. It was all so interesting, especially the two people I could see in other rooms getting tattoos.

Then it happened - the nerves hit - I got scared. I decided though that I was going to go through with it - Stephanie went through everything she was going to do and answered my last minute questions - my nose was then sterilized, iodined and marked - perfect on the first dot. I had put Emla on my nose ensuring myself it would result in less pain but Stephanie wouldn't pierce me until it wore off because she says it changes the shape of the nose due to constriction of blood vessels and may cause a piercing to be off position, be it ever so slightly, so we talked until it had worn off.

I sat down on the table and then advised Stephanie of my plan...I was going to lay down (used to faint at needles, but hey, come on people, I'm not alone there) and hold my friend's hands - that I didn't want to see the needle or tools at all, I didn't want to see any blood and I wasn't planning on opening my eyes until my Nat said it was all over - no muss, no fuss, no blood, no faint.....

I laid down, grabbed for Nat's hands and held on at breaking point pressure and did yoga breathing. I felt the receiving tube enter my nostril - not all that uncomfortable, albeit a little foreign.....Stephanie told me to keep breathing as I was and "BAM" Nat tells me the needle was through. I thought I may have heard a slight popping sound.....but then again, maybe not? The pain was much less than I had anticipated and hardly worth the amount of distress that I had worked myself into.

I continued to breath, a tiny bit of movement which Stephanie says is the tool that they use to insert the jewelry then a bit of pressure as she inserted the jewel - some clean up - very little blood I'm told - good sign, that's good - then Nat says "its over" - I lay there, continuing to hold her hands asking if it looks good - she says ya, looks cute, Stephanie also says it looks good. Nat then suggests that maybe I should open my eyes and see for myself. Okay, that could be a plan - I release Nat from my death grip and slowly open my eyes and sit up - I can see it in the mirror and loved it from the second I could. No blood, not even really any discoloration. Now my hands shake, good timing.... Wow, Stephanie is awesome - go visit her for a nearly pain-free, perfect piercing.

It was great - later that night another friend came over to see it and brought a bottle of good n' yummy Champagne to celebrate.

I cleaned it for the first time the following morning and to my surprise there was only the slightest bit of dried blood, no visible discharge and really nothing since. It is now two days later. It was done really well - Thanks Stephanie and Sacred Heart - and thanks to Nat for letting me hang on for dear life.

Now the only painful thing left associated with my piercing will be the lecture from my Mother.....Ouch - I know it will take longer than the piercing and be far more painful.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Stephanie
Studio: Sacred+Heart+Tattoo+%26+Piercing
Location: Kitsilano+Studio%2C+Vancouver%2C+BC

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