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DIY nostril piercing!

Although I only had two piercings prior to my nostril (my ears are stretched to a zero gauge), I had always loved piercings. I'm only sixteen, and my mother's EXTREMELY conservative, so trying to get her to let me get piercings is never too successful. I had pierced my lip a few times before, but it got infected because I didn't research how to take care of it properly and I tried to hide it from my mother by taking it out all the time. I tried to get her to let me pierce my nose for months (as well as my lip, bellybutton, munroe, and tongue, but that's a different story). There's a place nearby called the Pin Cushion, and from what I had heard from everyone that goes there, it was supposedly professional and sanitary. I kept trying to tell my mother that, but I finally gave up and decided I would just do it myself.

My mother works Thursday and Friday nights, and she leaves just a little bit after I get home from school, so I chose a Thursday afternoon to do it. After doing TONS of research, I made sure everything I was planning to use was sanitary; I got a little tray to put everything on, and I sanitized an 18G needle and an earring that was used when I first got my ears done. After washing my hands and face, I was ready. I sat down and started to push the needle through my nostril. However, I didn't mark the spot that I wanted and halfway through I realized that I wasn't putting it where I wanted to, so I started all over again. It was really annoying for me to have to do that, but now I'll just know better next time I do an at-home piercing (if I choose to).

Just to be safe, I re-sanitized the needle and I washed my hands and face again. This time I made sure that I marked the spot I wanted and I pushed it through again. I spent a lot longer than I had expected just sitting there slowly pushing it through my nose. I didn't numb it, and it still barely hurt. Then I got to the last layer of skin in my nose and I started feeling the pain.

I might have spent an entire hour just pushing it through my nose (I wanted it to hurt as little as possible), but I spent even more time trying to get it through this last layer. I had read a bunch of DIY stories on BME, and they all said the same thing: it doesn't hurt that badly until you get to the last layer of skin, so I should have been expecting this pain, but I was caught off guard. I tried to shove it through, but the pain stopped me again. I kept pushing through slowly. Then I was at the very end and I just jammed the needle in.

Once it was through all the way, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. While it was a little sore, I think my excitement overpowered the majority of the pain I was feeling. I waited about a half an hour before I took the needle out and put the earring in. I was really excited at how it looked, and I couldn't wait to show people. Everyone loved it the next day. It was totally worth it. The following night I went to the mall and I bought a cute little star shaped nose bone that I put in rather than the big earring I'd been wearing. I love the way that the stud makes my face looks, and I like how it makes my nose stand out. I wear a captive ring sometimes as well, and I love it. Although it is a little bit sad that I have to put holes in my face to like it more. Oh well! Some people really do just look better that way. (:

Even though I did a lot of research, I still made some mistakes with the new piercing. I bought a stud that wasn't the right kind of metal (I don't remember what the metal was, sorry!), I changed the earring too soon, and I sometimes forgot to clean it. But in the end it all went well! If you pierce your nose, you should definitely use the salt water soak, it really does help. You just mix sea salt and warm water together and use a cotton swab or Q-Tip to clean the piercing.

Even though my piercing came out good, I wouldn't recommend DIY piercings to everyone. They can be really dangerous, especially something like your tongue or navel. If you really want to pierce something by yourself, do the research. I promise that it really does pay off! I also wouldn't recommend going behind your parents back with things such as these. If you try to hide it by taking it out a lot or putting makeup over it (both are BIG no-no's!), then your piercing can get seriously infected. I was very lucky with mine; I didn't take care of it as much as I should have. But I learned from my mistakes!


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on: 16 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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