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Septum dissapointment!

 Alright here we go! After many failed attempts at my piercing my septum, I decided to give it one last shot.

Now, let's rewind a year or so earlier...I've always loved piercings, especially the septum piercing. I've gotten a bunch of piercings before hand, but never was I happy with the result of my septum after every time it was pierced. It was either too crooked, too high up, too lopsided, or too whatever, I was just unhappy with it. It was never the right placement for me. So after having my septum pierced about 10 times over, of course over the course of about a year or so (letting it heal then re-piercing), I finally decided I was going to give it just one last shot. If it didn't work out then I think I was honestly ready to quit and give up on having my septum pierced forever.

So after looking into some of the new shops in my area, I decided that i'd go to the shop that I always used to go to, before I begun piercing myself. Of course I had the right equipment, environment, and I knew what I was doing while piercing myself. It really isn't wise to pierce yourself if you don't know what you're doing, or you aren't using the right equipment kids! Anyway, back on topic! So I decided to go back to the shop that I was most comfortable in, where I had gotten many other piercings in the past. They had a good reputation, and an amazing piercer (I know this by experience!). His name was Jon. He was extremely professional and polite to all of his customers. He was even patient when I had him mark, and remark multiple times where I wanted my previous piercings placed.

I picked a date and brought a friend with me. She wanted to get her industrial pierced so we decided upon a day for the both of us to get it done together. We drove over on the day and to our disappointment, Jon, the guy who did all my previous piercings, no longer worked there! The new piercer didn't tell us where he continued piercing at or why he had left the shop in the first place. She seemed like she knew what she was doing so after about 10 minutes of talking with her, Maddy I think her name was, we decided to get pierced by her. In the shop there was just my friend, another girl ahead of us to get her naval pierced, and myself waiting there for piercings. There was a bunch of other people sitting in there for tattoos but that didn't concern us because Maddy (the piercer) didn't work as a tattooist as well, so we didn't expect the wait to be long (seeing as there was only that one other girl ahead of the both of us). Maddy went to the back of the shop, which I assumed
she was setting up to pierce the girl ahead of us. 2 HOURS later and Maddy is nowhere to be found. The girl was sitting there the ENTIRE time and we started to get restless. We asked the tattoo artists where she was and what exactly she was doing that was taking her 2 hours. They didn't give us a straight answer and said she'd be out in no time. About half an hour later she finally emerged from, well i'm not really sure where but somewhere in the back of the shop, and took the girl ahead of us in. Another half an hour later, the girl finally comes out, her naval pierced. She then took me in, and I finally understood why it took her half an hour to pierce that girls naval, she couldn't stay on topic and was too busy chatting with the other piercers! This infuriated me, but I figured that I waited this long so might as well get pierced there. So after waiting in the room for another 15 minutes for her to 'set up' and having her run around the shop, she finally changed her glov es again and sat me in the piercing chair. She decided to pierce my septum free hand at first but at the last second decided it would be better if she clamped the area. She put the clamp on and counted down from 3, told me to take a deep breath, and pushed the needle through. She struggled a bit due to all the scar tissue from all the previous times my septum was pierced, but got it through rather quickly. As for the 'pain' that everyone loves asking about, pain is relative. I can't tell you how something is going to feel on your body and I can only tell you how it felt for me. I have an extremely high pain tolerance and the 'pain' experienced by a piercing doesn't bother me in the slightest, and is actually really enjoyable. So if you want to know how bad it 'hurt' for yourself, just get it done! It can't hurt you for that long anyway. So she put the jewelry in and I was pretty happy with the results. A septum piercing is really hard to get perfectly straight and I honestly think this is as straight as it is ever going to get. After me my friend got pierced and finally we were on our way, about 4-5 hours after we walked in! Man were we exhausted.

As far as healing went, for the first three days there was no pain, and it was pretty numb actually. By about the fourth day it had felt like someone punched me in the face. It wasn't a constant feeling, only when I poked at my nasal area. My septum seemed to fully heal within 3 months of having it done.

About 6 months after I got pierced at the shop the government issued everyone pierced within the time frame that new piercer had been working there to get tested for Hepatitis, and HIV. Pretty much any disease you can contract through blood. According to the board of health, while they were in there doing a health inspection, the health inspector noticed that the autoclave was malfunctioning. This caused concern for multi-use items such as clamps etc. The risk of contracting something was really low, but seeing as i'm paranoid I rushed over to the doctors with the papers I got in the mail and they did a blood test. Luckily for me I only had to go once to put my worries at ease. Generally they test you up to the 6 month mark to be sure there isn't anything in your blood, and it was 6 months after I got pierced so all they needed was one test. I luckily didn't contract anything, nor did anyone else pierced/tattooed there. After that, no one went to that shop anymore. Even thoug h the problem with the autoclave was fixed, no one wanted to risk it. About a month after that, the shop closed down.

Make sure you do your research about where you're going to get pierced and if it's a safe and sterile environment, which gets health checks by the government on a regular basis (generally I believe it's every 6 months). Although no one could have known that the autoclave wasn't getting as hot as it should have. Luckily no one was harmed. Thanks for reading.

Safe and happy piercing everyone!



submitted by: HypodermicFreak
on: 05 June 2008
in Nose Piercing

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